Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Selfie with Lulu and the Window Sill

Hi, it's Lulu.

One of my favorite spots in the warehouse apartment is on the window sill.

Today it's a bit dreary and a little rainy which means I can watch the rain fall on the roof of the building across the street. It's a comforting sight, especially because I'm inside where I can stay dry.

Meanwhile, Z-Girl is busily pulling out her Halloween decorations and setting up for a party this weekend. This means that I'll hide under the bed or in the closet and it also means I won't be alone. We don't all get along but when there is a group of people visiting we ban together and share the hideaway spaces. Don't tell anyone but I'm going to try to hide in the pillows because it is nice and comfy, what with the silk and the velvet:

We hope our furiends are having a nice Sunday. I see the vacuum cleaner--geesh! Z-Girl and her cleaning.

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Lulu, out.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Easy Sunday with Foster Failure Mimi

They call me Mimi.

I'm also something known as a foster failure, which sounds like a bad thing but for me it's been a pretty good deal.

I've been in the Warehouse apartment for almost two years. And boy do I have the scoop on *everything* here. I'll share more about all I've learned some other time.

Here I am in one of my favorite spots, sleeping on Z-Girls bed and snuggled with one of her shirts (Go Ravens!)

For today, I wanted to post my selfie and ask all of our furiends to have an Easy Sunday.

We at Squeedunk also want to pause for some of our furiends in the blogosphere who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge: Phoebe of 15 and Meowing, and Zuzu of Colehaus Cats both departed for their journeys this week and we are so very sad. We are still mourning the loss of Zoe from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and missed the opportunity to join the Blog Hop in her honor last week.

Fly free sweet kitties, and may their human families adjust to loving their soul and spirit without their physical presence in their homes. We know the sadness is unspeakable.

So friends, snuggle with someone you love. Find joy in a moonbeam or a soft meow.
This is Mimi, over and out.

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Phoebe's BlogHop

Friday, September 15, 2017

A long hiatus, and now a journey...

Hi everyone, it's Valentina.

Goodness gracious, how long does a cat have to wait to post to her blog? Can it really be that seasons have come and gone and we've been silent?

This is me, demanding time on the computer for blogging.

We really hope our furiends are doing well, and want to remind you that we are active on our Instagram account. Z-girl is pretty good about putting photos of us there, so if you miss us please follow @squeedunkcats

Here are some highlights about life in the Warehouse apartment.

Z-girl finally finished the decor by sectioning off our litter box area and giving us privacy. She also purchased a big armoire to house more of her stuff. Coco loves to nap inside. This means the front of the apartment is now a dressing room and sitting area, with a private kitty litter box haven. We'll post some photos of that transformation soon. Really, we will.

Manhattan had a health scare in the summer--she had a gland burst open. (Pardon the word, but it was an anal gland--yikes!). Because M is so smart she alerted Z-girl who whisked her to the emergency vet, where they performed a quick surgery to clean it out and repair the rupture. Manhattan went to our regular vet a month later for a check-up and dental procedure. She lost one tooth; the rest looked healthy, so they were polished and she was given a clean bill of health. Z-girl just has to pay more attention to gland maintenance!

Manhattan gazing at the morning lights, July 2017

Bessie and Lulu are doing just fine. They are constantly monitoring the activities outside our window (ongoing, annoying construction), and have grown to be great teachers for the various foster cats we've had in and out of the apartment over the past two years.
Bessie is guarding her banana. Lulu gets annoyed when Z-girl takes photos.

And in June, Z-girl tried to re-home Mimi, our foster girl who is now known as the Foster Failure.

Mimi is 9 years old, and while she loves the warehouse apartment, she doesn't enjoy other kitties. She gets along with some of us, but truly prefers to be left alone (she craves human companionship, not feline...). Z-girl thought it was worth a try, and so PAD PAWS found a *wonderful* option for her: with a male cat who is 15 years old, who had recently lost his long-time pal. The couple who adopted Mimi really worked to help her acclimate, giving her all the time and proper space to integrate. After a few weeks it was clear that Mimi was not blending in, and not a good companion to the existing housecat. So the decision was made for Z-girl to pick her up and bring her home.

Should there be a situation where an adopter could provide Mimi with the human love and safety she deserves, with no other pets, Z-girl would re-home her. Mimi forgave Z-girl after about a week and has resumed her sleeping spot on the bed with Bessie and Lulu during the night hours. The story ends well for the 15 year old cat seeking a friend: another kitty in need was adopted, and has adjusted well! We are super happy for everyone. 

Coco. What can I tell you about Coco. She's the Queen here, you know. She liked me when I first arrived, but everyone else has had to endure a hazing period. 

That's me washing Coco's ears when I was a baby. We used to snuggle, but not anymore. 

She won't admit this, but I'm going to let you in on a secret: Coco has not been as difficult on our fosters as she was with Manhattan, Bessie and Lulu when they first arrived. SHHHH.....

And yes, we do have *another* foster in the apartment right now. Her name is Picasso. Z-girl and the PAD PAWS team of Denise and Natalie were putting food down in a location by a bank. For a long time they joked that they were just feeding seagulls. Even Z-girl wanted to stop the routine, but Natalie had this feeling that there was a cat on the premises. One day, Picasso showed herself to Z-girl, who had the weeknight routine of feeding on her way home from work. Picasso was so pretty and sweet, and the team decided it was time to get her this spring. So they trapped her, and discovered her tail was injured. 

Luckily, she was rescued just in time and her tail was saved! It's a good thing too because her FAVORITE toy is her tail. She plays with it ALL THE TIME! She is still not allowing human touch, but she comes to the kitchen and asks for her food, and she comes out when there are guests in the apartment, and sleeps beside the bed. So we think it's just a matter of time before petting is permitted. 

Here is pretty Picasso. I'll admit, I get a little jealous when she is in the window where I want to sit. But I don't mind when she comes to the kitchen to ask for her food! 

She will be available for adoption through PAD PAWS soon. Z-girl thinks she is going to be an adorable addition to someone's home.

There's more to tell about PAD PAWS and kitties who are looking for homes. Another blog topic! A wonderful post was written by our friend's Lola The Rescued Cat in August about Otis, Milo and Cami who really, really need to find a furever home. If anyone can open their hearts to 3 senior, bonded cats this crew are the best! You can also follow them on Instagram  @operationtwelvetinypaws. 

This is Otis and Cami, where PAD PAWS used to feed them. This spot has now been demolished and is just one of the construction sites in Jersey City. Progress is not always positive. 

Z-girl asked me to thank everyone for their kindness. Some of you have donated to PAD PAWS causes; others have helped us by promoting our requests for fosters and contributions. Still others have responded to us on Facebook and Instagram during our hiatus, to offer support and love. 

Photo by Wendy Ploger

And now, Z-girl prepares to go on a much needed vacation. Can you guess where she is headed? Read Glogirly's blog post to find out more! 

This is Valentina, over and OUT!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Sunbeams and such

Manhattan here on this Selfie Sunday.

Some of our readers may already know that Z-girl's mama--our Nana--passed away on December 12, 2016. We've all been very sad and are doing a great job of being faithful caretakers. Our girl has needed lots of snuggles and purrs.

With the rush of holidays on the heels of Nana Lou's services, then work, then getting caught up with life, Z-girl just hasn't been up for blogging. She wants to write, but her energy has been low. Don't despair--we are getting our food and fresh water, our boxes are  clean. Blankets nice and fluffy. Our routine mostly in tact. And Z-girl is eating, sleeping and for the most part, taking care of life's chores. Some things slip but nothing mission critical. She says her mama would want her to take good care of herself, and of us. And to keep helping other kitties get homes.

I asked Z-girl to please post this photo of me on our cat shelves.

Yesterday a wonderful sunbeam was bouncing off the ceiling and it captivated me. Z-girl says she wonders why I'm so enchanted...

I can't tell anyone what, or who I see in the rays that make their way through our windows. Or why I'm meowing. It's part of my mystique.

Maybe, just maybe Nana Lou bounced in on a beam to visit Z-girl. What do you think?

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We hope to be back sometime soon, cuz we miss our furiends.
This is Manhattan, over and out.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Few Photos of Our Catification

Hi Everyone!

It's me, Manhattan and I'm here on a Caturday to share with you some beautiful photos of the Warehouse apartment, and our catification!

We've talked so much about this project over the last few years. It took awhile because some things were custom made for us. Other things just took longer than we hoped, but it doesn't matter cuz now it's done!

I hid during the photo shoot, which is sad to Z-girl because I scale these shelves often. Wendy Ploger took all of the photos on our page today (except the last one), and we want to thank her for her time and her talent.

Here is Valentina. You can't see any of the catification, but doesn't she look beautiful on the bench? Photo by Wendy Ploger.
Coco roared for the camera. Actually, she was yawning but she is fierce! Photo by Wendy Ploger.

Here's the desk. We love climbing above it and using these steps to go between the windows. It's fun when there is more than one of us perched here, too! Photo by Wendy Ploger.

This gives you a nice view of the installation around the closet and across the bed. I love to go up there in the middle of the night. And talk to the moonbeams. Photo by Wendy Ploger.

And here is Z-girl with Miss Andrea, the designer of our whole catification installation! She's so nice. Photo by Wendy Ploger.

It's Caturday so I'm busy taking naps in the sunshine. We hope wherever you may be that you are enjoying your day, too!

This is Manhattan, out!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Selfies for September

Hi everybody....
Try to remember, the kind of September when life was slow, and oh so mellow...
("Try to Remember", from the musical The Fantasticks)

Z-Girl says that life hasn't been slow for a long while. Maybe this is why September almost slipped away without nary a selfies post from us. Since we are so incredibly behind, we thought we'd share a few of our recent favorites.

Coco loves to lounge on the sofa

 Manhattan really digs the flokati baby rugs from PAD PAWS...

Bessie claims the bed as her main territory

Lulu loves the armoire~mostly for perching on top, but sometimes  inside...

And Valentina insists on sleeping beside Z-girl whenever she's on the computer...

We haven't been around lately, so are hopping around today to see how all our blog pals are doing. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, furiends!

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

It's a bittersweet offer, to take part in today's blog hop: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2016.

On the positive side, it's special to have a place and a date to share stories about those we've loved and lost. Z-girl gets tears in her eyes when she thinks about the process of losing her beloved kitties over the years. For most of her life she's had at least 1 cat living with her so as you can imagine that means this could be a lengthy post.

We at Squeedunk decided to honor a sweet kitty rescued early in 2016 from the PAD (Powerhouse Arts District). His name was Norman, and he was nearly starved when he was found during normal feeding rounds by PAD PAWS trapper/rescuer/fairy cat-mother extraordinaire, Natalie.
Norman after his rescue, he was undernourished and frail.

We were uncertain if Norman would make it through his first night, much less at all. January's cold and his fragile state were surely a lethal combination for this boy who appeared out of nowhere. This is the confounding world of rescue: PAD PAWS were scheduled to trap a stable colony of four, but diverted those plans when he was discovered. We needed to usher this unknown cat to safety--clearly he urgently required help.

What a gentle soul--always happy for a soft place to sleep, and consistent offering of food and love he received from us and an angel of a foster mama (thank you, Gina). Norman had a multitude of health issues with complex diagnoses requiring frequent veterinary intervention. Yet he seemed to understand that everything was designed to help him recover so he could live out his life in a loving adoptive home. We marveled at his rebounds and sent lots of purrs when he was up against another health problem.

And then one day in May--after things seemed to be going so well for this tabby boy--he had what we believe was a stroke (or stroke-like event) and he was unable to recover. He died peacefully in his foster home, and his entire support system was profoundly saddened by this unforeseen turn of events.

Who knows what traits we could have shared with you about his personality if he had lived longer. Was he a mighty hunter of wand toys? Would he have enjoyed smelling Thanksgiving Dinner cooking and waited patiently for his turkey portion? So many questions unanswered, especially--why was he on the streets in the first place and how did he survive as long as he did?

To properly remember him we'd like you to know he had a sweet disposition coupled with a strong determination to live. He was so loved by his foster mom Gina--that she retains his ashes. Her daughter made greeting cards with  a picture of 3 of the 4 PAD PAWS kitties who were set to be rescued the night Norman was found in their feeding area. She thoughtfully dedicated the design in Norman's memory, kindly noted on the back of each card.

Five months may not be a long time to have known love and kindness but we believe that in his passing, Norman released into the universe the goodness bestowed upon him and that has returned into humanity to support and inspire others. Just like we know the memory of this tenderhearted kitty, who lived each day we knew him with such gratitude, motivates us to continue our mission to rescue and rehome. This post is for Norman, and other outdoor kitties who were too sick or unable to survive the ravages of living in the elements before we were able to intercede. Maybe you had a home, maybe you never did. You are not forgotten, dear ones. We remember you. And on occasion we can still see you in the shadows, waiting for your meal service. We'll meet you--beyond this plane, in a space that knows only love. Until then, our angels, continue to shepherd those who departed the Earth alone.

Norman enjoying a snuggly bed and the spoils of a wonderful foster family.

Z-girl would also like to say she remembers and will see again: Maggie, Jiggs, Pyewacket, Jezebel, Puffin, Punkin, Chaucer, Aristotle and Duffy. Purrs and eternal love, my babies.

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