Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hands of a Murderer Were Inside My Mouth

My sister, who lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, called me some time ago in a bit of a panic. She learned that her dentist was just arrested for murder. Some sordid love triangle-double murder-alleged suicide story. I can't quite remember the details, but suffice it to say she was quite worked up about the fact that this man had cleaned her teeth and checked for cavities AND murdered his wife and his lover's husband. Not all on the same day, mind you. But a wife murderer had his hands inside MY MOUTH, she explained.

This thought floated through my mind this evening as Dr. Mei Mei Cheng was carefully and dutifully cleaning my teeth. I am not concerned that I will have to call my sister about my dentist. But it does make me wonder what person in my life has an identity that, if revealed, would drive me into a froth.

I'm good for another 6 months.

My sister Julie and her fashionable shoes.

Oh, on the job front, I'm making connections. I'm feeling very hopeful that I won't miss more than a week without working.

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