Friday, March 16, 2012

It Keeps You Running

A busy week for an unemployed gal. I've taken care of all sorts of mini-projects. I even went for a run last night. (Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we have to see if I run again today...THEN we can say there is progress).

Found out that the landlord of my building is not interested in doing any further mold testing. He feels that  ripping out the dry wall to remediate any mold [that in my non-expert opinion is likely to be there] is "excessive". So, just for my own peace of mind I went to the Department of Health and Human Services site for NJ. This prompted a call, and I spoke with Paul. Paul was helpful, but then had to break the news to me: NJ does not have laws requiring landlords to do anything about mold. This, he explained, is not the position of the Department of Health. But it's the sad reality. And rather frustrating.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this. We have differing opinions. There is deconstruction going on across the street/ outside my apartment window now, and so I feel that the universe is beginning to push me to make a bigger change. And I believe the temporary move to the penthouse and subsequent move back to my apartment would have been incredibly stressful and would not have guaranteed the problems were all appropriately addressed.

It is the opinion of this court (the one inside my head) that I need to stay @150 Bay, for now. Focus on the new gig and do well; work the kitties and facilitating dramatic improvements for them (and ultimately me). In the background, I can look for another apartment. So much more information will come forward as I settle into the new assignment--I need to allow that to come to me, organically instead of trying to engineer everything. Is that a result of having a dad who is an engineer? "I'll take 'Blame My Parents for $500,' please!". Let's not....let's just say it is one of my [sometimes] endearing quirks and a part of my personality that serves me well in some instances and not so well in others. There's certainly time to discuss that fact in future posts....

In other news, I've found someone who is going to help me with design on the blog. There are lots of little things going on, that will slowly accumulate to big things. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so said Lao-Tzu.

Today is a rainy day here in the ghetto. Secretly I'm happy because I have a lot to accomplish--some preparation for an offsite I'll deliver on Wednesday with a colleague, more filing and cleaning up of my documents on my personal computer. All mundane, adult-type tasks but ones that will help me in my struggle to stay focused.

For those of you reading along with me this far, I promise: this blog-thingy is going to get better. The fun commences with the Cat Whisperer's Behavioral Plan. First order of business: working on group scent and getting additional food and water stations around the apartment for Coco, Valentina and Manhattan. And get Lulu to the vet PRONTO for her spay surgery!

Tomorrow, or Sunday, I'll give some insight to the things I'll be deploying to help improve the tensions among the felines.  Here is Coco in her Pounce stance. And by pounce I mean like a Puma, not like Tigger....

Stay tuned for a run update! 3 miles last night. Easy. I see 4 on today's menu...


  1. I have actually watched the Cat Whisperer (well, the show is called "Your Cat From Hell" or something like that) in the hopes of getting some legitimate advice. I haven't been too impressed yet, but the show is so interesting, I'm willing to give him another chance.
    (this is Gretchen V., by the way)

  2. @southernhon, the woman I'm working with will be on Must Love Cats this season on Animal Planet... and Mieshelle has a book forthcoming, too. She also recommended some holistic remedies from Jason's (My Cat From Hell) website, so I ordered a few. I will be writing about that progress as it unfolds! I thought her advice was very good, it's a matter of time and patience with cats. Unfortunately many of us reinforce bad behavior and that gets imprinted for the kitty; then we have to undo and recondition. Sigh...let's see what happens....


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