Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Toss the Dice

When change finally hits, it typically has an unexpected velocity. I find myself in the middle of such change at the moment.  None of it is completely unforeseen, but each piece of it has enough not-yet- answered questions that I find myself swimming in my own anxiety.

First, I took on two foster kitties in August. How I went from August to March with them still in the apartment is not quite clear to me, but here I am. Lulu is a kitten, and she is going through heat cycles. I want to have her spayed but she isn't the easiest kitty to catch. I can't even touch her mama, Bessie. So long story short--and it is a longer story--the vet has to come over with a pole and sedatives and shoot them under the bed to cart them both off to her office for the surgery (Lulu only), a mani/pedi, and other important health checks. So there's that. (Did I mention that Lulu's heat cycles are accompanied by a need to mark territory--her favorite spot to pee is on my comforter? Yea, that's fun).

Second, I've had a leak in my apartment since the day I moved in on June 1, 2006. Oh boy, had I been blogging at that point in time the tales I'd have told. To get to the point of today's anxiety,  let's say I'm considering a move out of my apartment on a temporary basis, to a smaller but very cool space on the penthouse floor. This is only one floor up, but it is a move and requires packing, bubble wrap, organization and patience. And the skill to move 5 cats. (Really, the crazy cat lady remarks are unfounded. I mean, I may be crazy. But I don't own a housecoat).

Third, I am out of work next week. If I knew that I'd be back to work in a week or two, I would enjoy the time. But not knowing when I'll be back, how long between paychecks, or what my new pay rate will be~I'm a tad uptight. I'd really rather jet off to Florida but I'll likely be here in Jersey City overseeing such tasks as endless networking to land the next contract assignment and frantically preparing for the move.

Oh, to top it all off, I'm supposed to run a half marathon in April and I continue to find reasons (mostly health related but not really) to avoid my training runs. I have a feeling this anxiety will end up fueling the runs. And that is a good thing.

The water tower on top of my building. Did I mention I'd have a washer and dryer in the Penthouse apartment? Yea, no sharing machines, no waiting... That would be cool...right???

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