Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Story time: Yesterday, I went for a face to face interview for what looks like will be my next contract assignment. It's in Manhattan (big round of applause). Until I start, I'll withhold details of where and what company. Because whenever I get ahead of myself, it comes flinging back in my face like a misfired rubberband.

Everything went well. I liked the hiring manager, he liked me. We both are former PwCC/IBM Consultants, although we were in different practices. In our world (the I Used to be An Uppity Consultant world), it's like we were distant cousins meeting for the first time...anyway, this particular role for which I interviewed will not be terribly sexy in the beginning, but he told me--and the friend who referred me confirmed this fact--there's a lot to do from a transformation/OD perspective within the organization. And the contract could--most likely will-- evolve in to very interesting work and last longer than the initial few months originally quoted.

Tomorrow, I'm set up to speak with the agency that this company uses to handle contractors. I figure if they keep it to the basic security check, and reference checking--I'm good. On the contrary, if they ask me how many cats I've rescued in the last few years, or they attempt to gauge how I feel about the recent *ridiculous* commentary about reproduction and healthcare, it could be a slippery slope.

Assuming this works out and I land this gig, it means that I will go for less than a week without employment, which is grand. And it means that I'll get to wear jeans to the office. Jeans and other such casual clothes. This prospect makes me really happy. I feel the need to shop for fun and whimsical outfits....

This morning, I woke up to find Bessie and Lulu in the bedroom area windows. Well, actually this was after the 5A feeding--when I crawl back into bed and nap before I make may way to the shower...as I approached Lulu, I realized she was staring at me through the freshly cut hole she fashioned in my curtain panel. My ABC Carpet gauze like curtain panel. It's a really good thing she is adorable.

Next: working out the negotiations for my apartment switch...Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

In future posts, owe you some detailed stories about my cats. Manhattan's rescue? Coco's arrival in my life when I had no job? Valentina's penchant for chewing wires? Sigh...where to begin? I will probably begin at the beginning~when I was feeding a beautiful black and white kitty who lived outside...

Lulu's artwork. If she were in kindergarten, would I be mad at her for coloring on the wall? Yea, probably....


  1. Hey Laura,
    Fingers crossed for the position. At the very least you will be in Manhattan, and you never know where it may lead. We need to catch up some time. Dan

  2. Dan, thanks! I think it is going to be a great next step. I figure if I had to wait this long to get back to NYC there is a reason and a lesson to be learned through the entire experience from job loss to this opportunity. We must talk sometime soon. Appreciate the support!


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