Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Last time I posted I had all good intentions of writing again within two days.

And we all know the saying about good intentions, and the road that's paved with them....

I did, by the way, run 5 miles on Sunday of last week. And the running shoes are sitting patiently by my front door, waiting their next round on the treadmill.

It has been quite a ten day stretch. I started my new assignment in NYC. Loving *loving* not driving to work for 90 minutes a day. We'll see how I actually end up liking the work, but so far, so good. A designer has started work on the blog for me. I tried tweaking some things per her suggestions but she ultimately will come in and tidy up for me. Can you feel the progress?

Seems like there is positive motion with Le Chats~but it truly is a two steps forward, one step back dance. Lulu was supposed to go to the vet on Thursday, along with Bessie. This can only be accomplished by having the vet come to my apartment to sedate them. As luck would have it, the office was over-booked on surgeries that day and we postponed. So today I have to take off from work in the morning again, and occupy myself while I starve the poor little dears so they can be properly sedated. It is all very stressful for me so I leave the apartment and hang out at ShopRite with my favorite morning employees, then come back and ignore the cats. This should be a good story...

The real challenge I'm told will be in the re-introduction to the apartment. Keep everything crossed.

That's all for now folks. I chose a quote from Alice in Wonderland, asked by the Mad Hatter~Manhattan's nickname is Mad Hatter, for my post title today....You can read more about the Hatter's quote here.

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