Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Awful Grace of God

I've mentioned the book Broken Open. I found a brief passage in a much longer entry about grief that is a glimpse into some of my emotions of late:

"...we learned the lessons of grief, like music or medicine or art or parenting or marriage, must be lived fully to be understood. And so began our journey through the 'awful grace of God'. ...were it not for our friends and family--who flung themselves into the our brokeness, to hold our heads above the water--we may well have drowned in our sorrow." -Elizabeth Lesser


  1. This is actually a comment in response to this entry and your previous entry about loss, grief and death.
    Everyone needs people to hold them up out of the water which does drown. Honestly, I just don't think our society teaches us how to deal with such strong negative emotions, which is a subject that has always frustrated me. As a child, I was taught not to cry, to stuff the pain down deep inside and to mourn something only for an appropriate time and then move on. The events of my life recently over the past year have definitely taught me that grief does change shape, but it doesn't disappear. I find myself edging further into the deep water many times and then asking myself why when I know deep down that I never fully mourned the losses. It hurts a lot. I wish I had more people who knew how to hold my head out of the water.

  2. I wish that for you too, Gretchen. Always here if you need a long distance hand. I agree with you, our society programs us for the happy, positive side of things and we are taught not to "focus" on the things that don't feel good. I find it hard to believe that finding a way to truly mourn a loss is considered focusing on something bad; rather, it's working through it to get to the gift. And there are gifts that emerge from loss~but you can't see them unless you can deal with all that gets dislodged during the journey of grief....more on this topic forthcoming.


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