Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress, not procrastination

I've hit my limit. Procrastination, be gone. This weekend I was scheduled to run the MORE Half Marathon in Central Park. I didn't. I didn't because I came up with a boatload of excuses and things to do rather than my training runs. Shame on me.

And here I sit, complaining about feeling out of shape, and tiring too early. You know what helps those conditions? Running. Running helps combat exhaustion and muscle atrophy.

Last week, I texted my trainer and we are set for a long overdue session this coming Sunday. He is a straight shooter, zero tolerance for excuses kind of guy. I will be squatting and lunging and sweating starting at 10A.

My cleanse is going well. I keep thinking I want coffee, but I really don't. It's such an emotional bond I have. The physical part of it I worked through within three days. Again, I procrastinated giving up coffee and found myself completely wedded to my daily cup, like it or not. Often my gastro-intestinal system DID NOT LIKE.

And the last rant for today's post: finally I changed the design elements on the blog. Hopefully I followed the carefully prepared instructions for me as outlined...I feel progress, even through the sea of jello through which I find myself swimming some days. Progress, not procrastination.

Marine Corps Marathon, October 2004.

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  1. Stay strong Laura--you can do it! :) Elizabeth


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