Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today, I write my blog post from sunny Burbank, California. I'm here on a 10 day business trip. Like most things in my life, this has presented quite a paradox: I love California, love coming here for work or vacation--but I detest being away from the kitties.

My preparation for departure was so intense that the day prior to my flight, I was on the way to the gym to work out with the wonderful Fieramosco--and I became ill in the car. Like three times dry heaved, pulling over to make sure I didn't cause an accident. I had to cancel and turn around for home. This is not like me: I don't vomit when I am praying that I could to alleviate nausea. The only explanation is anxiety. Sheer anxiety.

I'm not afraid of airports, or flying, or staying in a hotel. But I do hate the whole process of travel. The packing. The having to carefully choose what I bring and what stays behind. And forget it on the set up for the pet sitters~good grief. It's mind boggling.

My morning seems very bland without kitty paws and purring and playing at 5AM. My return to the hotel room is anti-climatic without the rush of curled up cat tails headed in my direction, greeting me and simultaneously demonstrating that it is feeding time.

However, this is a great town. And I have to learn to enjoy what is put in my path. Oh, not everything is joyful. But certainly a business trip to sunny So Cal, that can go in the "good" column.

I'm just getting adjusted to the time difference and over my initial exhaustion. Friday I hope to have dinner with a friend and then Saturday and Sunday enjoy the area: Santa Monica, maybe Venice Beach...and then Manhattan Beach on Tuesday with another friend...

I won't stop missing my girls...I can do both--miss them and enjoy the visit. Just don't ask me to choose one over the other.

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