Saturday, June 16, 2012

An iPad, 2 maids and a Twitter Account, please...

It's been awhile since I published. Partially because I wanted my previous post to stand on its own for awhile. In the blogosphere, it certainly isn't the way to drive traffic to my page but it felt right for me.

I seem to be on some wild ride, hoping in retrospect it all makes sense. When I started the blog, I shared all the woes within Unit 910 (my apartment). And then I dropped it. I grew tired, annoyed and frankly bored with the fight. My walls remain stained and chipped from the damage last August (Hurricane Irene). I do look at the brown stains on some days and think I should complain but I really have too much more to do.

Like read the Fifty Shades trilogy. My goodness. Where is Christian Grey in my world? Oh, right. He's fictional.

Or watch yet another wonderful, brilliant person get stampeded by corporate America. Yes, friends, I'm  witnessing something so ridiculous that it defies all logic. But then again, evil doesn't really have logic, at least not logic that the sane people can grasp. I am hoping he will prevail. This has been a fascinating study in how to handle myself in the future--I mean, I'm giving a lot of HR and legal advice to him; but he is showing me that making the choice to be happy is just that--a clear and present choice. Now I know why I've been led to this assignment, this's to learn from him and take that forward as a better path.

Let's go back to the ridiculous for a moment--I saw this article about Karl Lagerfeld's kitten, and now I want either to work for him and the kitten; or have a meeting with him so that he can fashion homes for feral cats. He'd be fabulous. And I'll bet his kitten has Skype on HER iPad. (So THERE).

As a footnote to my May 19 post: I did make it through the day. It had a strange feel to it, most likely because the anniversary of Joey's death shook hands with the fresh loss of Niall. It's not an intersection I'd hope for, not ever. My journey is teaching me that I may not understand the reason or there may really not be an acceptable reason (acceptable to me) for the events that unfold in my lifetime. But, I have the power to work through the events and make sense of them, to take from them and make the good and the bad a part of me. The balance is what's important. May take awhile to get to steady state, depending upon the gravity of the situation.

So for example, today's drama: lost car keys. This is off putting, and it chaps me. It's neither good nor bad. It just is. And, it's something from which I'll recover quickly. Goes in the "oh, that's Laura" pile.

That's today's musing. Back to a better schedule now. And crafting a story line for the upcoming events of life, those things in the plan and those on the horizon but not yet known. Walk with me...I'm embarking on a search for a place to live. Now, this could be a fun ride!