Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For the Birds

The nice thing about being unemployed is the available time to do all the things you want to do, but can't while working. The bad thing about being unemployed is the available time that gets sucked up doing things that you don't plan on doing but have to because that's the direction life takes. Or because it's just addictive.

One thing I've really enjoyed is watching the daily routines of the cats. Of course, me being here changes the entire dynamic--I know that. However, I think we can all agree I don't have any sway over the habits of the neighborhood pigeons. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that they've discovered that 5 cats live within the panes of 4 windows of the 150 Bay Street building. 5 cats who will sit vigil at the windows to observe every movement a bird makes. I say this because there are groups of them that fly in a beautiful formation, and then land on the ledges outside of my apartment. They sit and stare at the cats, who in turn sit and thump their tails while pressing their noses against the window and chatter "mah-ah-ah".  Eventually, the pigeons will get comfortable, pouf out feathers and take a nap. This does not curtail the tail thumping.

Last Friday, all 5 cats bought tickets and showed up for the experience. I counted 6 pigeons spread out across the ledges. The window sill sitting went on for 2 hours and eventually, the pigeons departed. In the mornings since that day,  I see them caucus on the warehouse across from my building--and 4 of my 5 felines sit in the window, waiting to see who will migrate and provide free entertainment.

Manhattan and Valentina sitting in the window, watching the Pigeon Show...

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