Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Calm in the Chaos

In all chaos there is a cosmos,
In all disorder, a secret order.
~Carl Jung

Multitasking yesterday, I put some organic cocoa and almond milk in the microwave for a nice Monday morning pick me up. Instead, a mess when I opened the microwave. I had to laugh, cuz, it's so me--exploding cocoa. And, I couldn't help but notice the beauty in the mess.

That got me thinking about the beauty in all the messy things of my life in the last what, 5 years? 10 years? More? Stepping away from timing, what I can see is a gradual acceptance of things that could be labeled as messy at first blush. Instead the profound artistic, purposeful or graceful facets are beginning to reveal themselves. 

And thanks to some faithful friends, both here and on the other side, I've learned how to smile at those things that are less than perfect. Embrace them really.

Thankfully, I had a miscalculation in my microwave timing. Without it, I'd have missed out on this photo.

And couldn't we all tell stories about how timing held us in place and then released us just at the right moment to experience exactly what we needed? Certainly the photo isn't that profound, but it did get me thinking beyond the usual Laura how could you be such a ditz? self ctiticism I typically unleash on myself.

I'll think about that as I sip today's cup, coming right up. 


  1. Reminds me of some of my happiest accidents.
    Like how I met the love of my life....the best happy accident ever.
    xo, GG

  2. GG, those are the best of all...happy accidents! :)

  3. well aren' tyou positive! i need to take lessions!

  4. as an aside. i love almond milk and have just discovered Rice Milk which i LOVE in my cereal!


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