Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gimme shelter

Oh, a storm is threat'ning

My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away
~The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter

On Thursday, January 10 I attended Architects for Animals in New York City. What a great experience. Not just to see the very cool and innovative outdoor housing for feral cats on display, but to be in a roomful of people who really care about the welfare of ferals in this urban area.

Nat and I often feel alone in our crusade to help these beautiful beings. We know that we are not, but in our little corner of Jersey City, the plight is difficult. There are lots burdened with chemicals left behind decades ago. There's the remnants of the now mystical 111 building, with the out of commission Power House looming as the backdrop. There's abandoned and partially used warehouses. And lots of construction forthcoming. This is the neighborhood where our beloved ferals eat, play, sleep and roam.

We were delighted to meet several wonderful cat bloggers and advocates while at the event. They've renewed our hope that we can indeed connect across city and state lines, rivers, and other perceived barriers to rescue and place those kitties who are ready to come off the streets. For those who can't be domesticated, we are learning more about how to make their lives safe, comfortable and healthy as possible.

Thank you to Debbie of for making virtual introductions! New friends, new adventures in cats and blogging....we wish you could have been with us!

Pictured, Left to Right: Carine, Texas, a cat in New YorkTracey and Kevin from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life; Layla from Cat Widsom 101 and next to me, Tamar from I Have Cat. (picture credit to Tamar--thank you!)

Natalie and I call ourselves PAD Paws. PAD is the nickname for the Powerhouse Arts District. Together, we've rescued and placed close to 20 cats from the neighborhood. Some are living in our apartments, others have transitioned to homes with friends or family. We continue to feed ferals on the streets, and I promise that our next rescue will be captured on video. I wish that we had pictures of the underbelly of my building when we rescued Manhattan in February of 2010; or of the 36 hour mission to get Bessie, Lulu and The Captain in July of 2011 from a hole in a warehouse. I am especially disappointed that we have no documentation of the last 6 rescues over the Thanksgiving holiday (Natalie carried those out with no help from me--so I easily could have been the videographer). 

Squeedunk will be undergoing a massive reconstruction. New look, some new concepts to tell the important stories. Coming soon...

And, probably my favorite design built by Barteluce Architects to fit a specific space and blend in, so no one would realize kitties use it for shelter:


  1. Hey Laura, great meeting you at the event! Let's like and share all related posts.

  2. Hi Laura! It really was a wonderful and hope-inspiring event, wasn't it? It was so nice to meet you and Nat. Thank you for all you are doing for the kitties in Jersey City. You are not alone, and what you are doing matters. It really does. :)

  3. I'm so happy you got a chance to connect with some of my favorite bloggers! I sure wish I could have been there too. What an amazing event!
    : ) GG

  4. It was great meeting all of you too, and Glogirly--we really missed having you there! Tell Katie and Waffles Too we are working to help all the ferals in the NY metro area. Natalie and I really had a nice evening.

  5. Hi Laura and crew! We saw you on Katie and Glogirly's site and are always out to make new friends. You kitties have a very thoughtful (albeit messy) mom, and we will be happy to get to know you better. It was good to see all our human friends having fun together at the Architects show, they did some really pawesome work! See you soon!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp
    and Mom Carolyn

  6. Hi Carolyn, Harry, Dexter and Tipp! So nice to meet you via Glogirly! I have 5 girls (imagine the estrogen levels in my apartment)...all different stories and personalities. We are glad to be making friends via the cat blogging community. So much to learn, great stories to read. And lots of support for the ferals here in our neighborhood (3 of them live with me now...)The show was wonderful and gave us great ideas for our colonies.

  7. it was lovely to meet you! I'm glad you reached out! What?! you didn't use the photo of my clutching your hands! hopefully we will have more time to talk in the future. we are way over due for a I HAVE CAT Cat-Tail Happy hour - you will have to come!


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