Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work from Home Wed

There are benefits and downfalls to every type of work situation. I really do like the notion of working from home: save money and time commuting, spend much less money on eating out for lunch, manage my day as I like. But the best part for me is having my cats surround me as I work.

Coco likes me to bring one of her beds and place it beside my chair. She'll sleep next to me for hours. Valentina will sit on my chair with me, sometimes on my lap and sometimes nestled behind me. Before she actually settles in though, I scratch her, she purrs and gives me little love bites. Manhattan likes it if I pull a small flokati under my feet where she can curl up.

Because Bessie and Lulu are not able to gain access to the whole apartment, (border patrol forbids it), they will sometimes lay out beside my bed, and on occasion try to make it past the couch because they know everyone else is near me, asleep. I am encouraged that they are getting brave again and I need to do more to help expand their zone.

What I don't like about working from home is feeling isolated--I have a strong need to socialize with people, and to collaborate on work. My discipline suffers at times. But, I'm getting better. And there will be a lot of complaining whenever I do end up back in an office, unless they institute a Bring Your Five Cats to Work day.

Here's to productivity and purrs!

Manhattan after spilling the entire tub of cat nip, while Valentina watches...

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  1. hahaha! "Bring your FIVE cats to work day..." LOVE it!
    I can totally relate. Love working in slippers with cats racing around me hissing at each other. ; ) But I too feel isolated at times. I try to get creative input from Katie, but she's often not much of a talker.
    ; ) Glogirly


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