Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Behavior

Could the new look of Squeedunk be impacting the mood in the warehouse apartment?

Fact: Coco slept at the feet of our weekend guest, Miss S, this weekend. She normally will sleep with me when there is company in the apartment (guard cat). AND she only hissed and swatted ONE TIME all weekend.

Fact: Bessie and Lulu came out, played, AND were not shy about accessing other areas of the apartment (which is relatively new behavior for them at all). Lulu has also started sleeping on my feet, and did so both nights. 

Fact: Manhattan also just chilled out nearby while we sat talking and getting caught up. Typically, she burrows in a closet.

Fact: Valentina was still Valentina. No change there.

Let's hope we are Marching towards a more harmonious living environment. 


  1. FACT: Katie & Waffles Too have been seen napping in relative close proximity.

    FACT: Katie has allowed Waffles Too to eat treats with her in very close proximity.

    FACT: Katie and Waffles Too have engaged in a robust exchange of vocalizations and paw movements in extreme close proximity.

    FACT: The latter of which tripped the security system alarm.

    More harmonious? Um, no.
    ; )

    1. I can only imagine the chaos of the thrice tripped alarm system...
      We look forward to hearing how the visit from the Alarm Guy with the Big Toolbelt guess is he'll love W2. :)


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