Saturday, February 9, 2013

Catch Cats as Nat Can...

The spell text tone on the iPhone means there is cat news. Because I've personalized Nat's text tone to the one labeled "spell". Her ring tone is Stray Cat Strut, by the Stray Cats of course. Sometimes I wait with great anticipation to hear her texts come in, and others I bristle because I fear the worst.

In November and December, Nat went on a trapping mission. We had six kittens in a lot next to my building, who were about to be displaced by cranes and other construction equipment. Three of the kittens were young--3 months old, and the others were closer to a year old. Their mama and  three siblings (two baby kittens, one older kitten) were killed during Superstorm Sandy. This galvanized our determination to protect the survivors. Additionally, another harsh winter appeared to be descending upon us and we wanted them off the street. Needless to say, the spell text tone sounded on my phone often during her rescues.

The good news is that all three of the babies were saved around the Thanksgiving time frame, as I've blogged about here and are in loving homes. One of them lives with Nat; she most closely resembles Madea, her mama, and so Nat had to keep her. I'm oh, so grateful.

The three older kittens (the teenagers, we call them) are brothers and were trapped not long after, and they were the team who presented us with our first ever cats scale 20 foot walls and hang out on a pipe challenge. Once that mission was complete, Nat took them to a great boarding facility where they are eating healthy food, are clean, warm and getting socialized. Every weekend I hear the Spell text tone with pictures.

Just a few weeks ago, she made her final (well, for now) rescue of our sweet tuxedo, Zeb. Zeb lived in a different lot, one that has large, rusted pipes stacked up and surrounded by a fence. His rescue was a challenge (I'll write about that soon). Let's just say there were lots of incoming texts with the personalize spell tone.

We now have 4 neutered male cats in boarding. And this is where the task is more daunting than the captures.

Larry, Mo, and Curly are approximately 1 year of age, healthy (FIV/FeLeuk Negative), and have been in boarding for almost two months now. Larry and Mo prefer to be together, and so our goal is to keep it that way.

For now our focus is on placing Curly and Zeb.

A little bit about Curly: he loves to be pet,  and talks to the other cats in boarding--very social. We know he'll be fine in a variety of settings--another cat, possibly children. If you want a snuggle bug, Curly is your guy.

A little bit about Zeb:  He was TNR as his ear is tipped. Of course we wish he could tell us how he came to be on the street--but we will never know. Tests negative for FIV/FeLeuk. He is making the transition from outdoor street cat to indoor family cat well...he likes attention, love, and to  play...If not getting attention, he wants to escape his cage. We believe, and so does our vet, that he will be a terrific pet.

Anyone who knows a person seeking a furrever friend, or two...please message me here. We will screen every potential owner. Curly and Zeb are free to a good home. Once Larry and Mo are more comfortable, we will launch a search for their home.

This leads me to introduce that February is National Spay and Neuter month. Please, please: spay or neuter your cat. To read more, go to Deb Barnes' blog, Zee and Zoey's Chronicle Connection. And, if you are looking for a cat, I beg you: go to a rescue group, go to a save a life.

Nat and I have more kitties on the streets. One more in particular we'd like to save but can't bring him into the mix until Curly and Zeb are successfully in homes, and Larry and Mo are ready for placement.

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