Saturday, February 2, 2013

Find my iPhone

Technology can be wonderful and simultaneously frustrating.

On Monday, in an absolute stroke of brilliance, I departed the Metro North train leaving my iPhone behind. I realized it as soon as I got into the shuttle bound for my client site. What to do? Log in to my co-worker Philip's iPhone and watch it ride the rails all day long.

I even was able to see when the train was off the system for the night, tucked comfortably in the  yards in North White Plains. Oh, sure I registered it with Grand Central's lost and found. Needle, haystack. You know.

Wednesday my replacement iPhone arrived. Funny how I had no time for anything but work that and technology restoration.

But now, when Nat texts the chimes will play. And when D calls, Troublemaker by Wheezer will make me chuckle. And when my sister calls, I'll hear Sting's voice to Fortress Around Your as I like it is back on track.

Find my iPhone would be more impressive in it's next generation can actually have the device ask to be turned in to lost and found. I'm just saying...who would have thought our telephones--the things with long cords and rotary dials that hung on kitchen walls and sat on night stands--would one day carry digital photos and fit in someone's pocket...and cost hundreds of dollars.

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