Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two Tuxedo Tuesdays

It's a typical Tuesday in the warehouse apartment.

Two tuxedo kitties, curled up near me as I work on my Excel spreadsheets and endless emails for my current project.

This I think is a good theme: Two Tuxedo Tuesdays. They'll have a lot to share with the blogosphere.
After all, they were born within a few months of each other. Although they look like sisters, they are not related. Doesn't keep me from referring to them as sisters. Adopted sisters.

A Few Words from The Tuxedos
Valentina and Mama, July 2011

Hi everyone, I'm Valentina Rosa. Mama Laura named me after the Italian designer, Valentino Garavani and his signature red color, Rosso Valentino. I'm full of personality, I love everyone and act as the social director of the warehouse apartment.

Mama Laura says that she almost didn't get me (what?) because she didn't know how Coco would react. She loved me, almost right away. And how could she refuse? I was totally adorable.

Does it get any cuter than THAT? 

Anyway, I've got a lot of stories I can tell. Seems like Tuesday will be my day to give you readers the scoop on life as I see it. So come back next week!

Manhattan Bay checking in for Tuxedo Tuesday. I was born under the warehouse where I now live, and Mama Laura fed me and a few of my kitty colony friends for several months until one day, she and Miss Natalie noticed I was missing. It's a long story, but I was in bad shape.

The colony I was living with decided that since I was the baby, they would turn me over as food for a rat or a possum who was sharing space with us in the underbelly of the building. They wouldn't let me come outside to eat, and slowly I was dying because not only was I hungry, but I had been attacked numerous times. Miss Natalie tried to catch me but I wouldn't come to her. I just sat and talked to her. Then Mama Laura showed up and they brought a cage and put anchovies inside it. Took awhile but I finally went for the anchovies and next thing I knew I was upside down and heard the cage slam. Aunt Natalie had to kick it over to get me all the way in so I couldn't get out.

I spent two weeks in the hospital, at 7 months old. I had surgery on the big bite wound that went all the way through my body, and then spay surgery. By the time I came home, I was allowing people to pet me but I hid in the box spring a lot.

Now, I'm much more social although it can take me awhile to warm up to a new person. What no one else but me seems to understand is that we are not alone in the warehouse apartment. No, we are not. There are spirits that live here too. I commune with them. There's one inside the closet, and there's another in the kitchen fan. I seem to be the only one friendly enough to engage them in any kind of discussion. They are harmless. Sometimes they cast light that dances around and I love to chase after the shadows.

Check us again next week.

V and M


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