Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April's First Two Tuxedos Tuesday

Hey, Humans of the Blogosphere, this is TWO TUXEDOS TUESDAY. Valentina here sharing some fun facts about our world:

One great feature of our restored warehouse apartment is the concrete floor. We find it especially useful for running after toys because we can slide and spin. It's a little like a hockey rink. All five of us enjoy chasing plastic water bottle caps up and down the hall.

Given our location, we face the New York Harbor. Lady Liberty is within our view, although from our windows we can't see her because she is blocked by some buildings. We can see the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, although for our cat attention span, this is meaningless. Directly across from our building is another old warehouse, waiting to be torn down so that the Evil Toll Brothers Corporation can build a high rise building and ruin the footprint of our beautiful artist neighborhood. Sigh. Many of the humans here in the area tried to stop them, but after two years of court battles, the evil corporation won.

Joke may be on them though. There's chemicals in that there soil. And so ground breaking is ON HOLD. Which means the pigeons can convene on the roof top and provide entertainment for us in the upcoming months. The warm weather should be calling them back to their posts.

In the meantime, we will relish in the urban landscape that we bear witness to, day and night. I think I speak for all the Squeedunk Cats when I say that a special time during this early spring period is that just before dawn, when the moon is spilling from the windows, casting beautiful light onto the concrete floor by Z-Girl's bed. We like to surround her, either as fixtures in the window sills, on the bed, or around the perimeter. Soaking in moonbeams and the tranquility that precedes our morning playtime chaos.

Manhattan: (Yawn)...Well said, Valentina. I'm too busy enjoying my cat bed to blog this morning. Go ahead and wrap up

Okay. So Mama wanted me to tell you that from now on when blogging, she will be referred to as "Z-Girl". Many friends call her LZ, and one in particular coined Z-Girl.

From all the Squeedunk Cats, we say Happy birthday to Papa Joe, Z-Girl's Dad. He and our Nana Lou wanted Z-Girl to adopt Coco when she needed a home and then HE was the one who wanted her to adopt ME. So, he must be pretty cool. He has an identical twin, so happy birthday to Uncle Jimmy too!

People think that Manhattan and I are SISTERS because we both have beautiful tuxedo fur. But we aren't even from the same mama, like Coco n me (born in different litters to the same mama kitty).

Papa Joe (on the left) and Uncle Jimmy, his twin...wow, they are cute, aren't they? Is that a CHESS board behind Papa Joe? NERD....

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