Sunday, April 21, 2013

Light and Easy

This is Z-Girl, busting in to talk about my visit to Simply Cats Hotel this morning. Hence the mid-day post.

If you've been tuned in to our story, you know that Nat and I have rescued multiple cats from our neighborhood, known as the Powerhouse Arts District, or the PAD for short. During Super Storm Sandy, we were simply not equipped to trap and pull everyone we feed off the street although we did wish multiple times that we could somehow keep our crew warm, safe and dry.

I'll skip the story but you can read about it here. Happily, four of our boys are now in boarding at Simply Cats Hotel in Flemmington, New Jersey. They are cleaned up, healthy and happy. Curly is ready for adoption and will flirt with you to prove it.

So on today's "Easy Sunday" post, I'll share that our boys have great cages in the hotel, right next to the window. When Sue, the owner, is there they can roam and play. If I were not witness to how these kitties lived on the streets, I'd be so sad they are in cages. But their reality here in the PAD is grim. The lot where Curly and his brothers, younger kitten siblings and mama once lived is now a full-on construction site. Had they been there the day the heavy equipment and concrete been delivered, they may have been killed. The other areas for them to seek some shelter and live are also overtaken with equipment and construction activity daily.

So, today, I was pleased to see them living and relaxing, soaking up the sun.

I returned home to my warehouse apartment to find the Squeedunk cats in their respective sun spot posts too.

As for me, I was able to stop at The Mall at Short Hills. Any day shopping is an easy day for Z-Girl.

Valentina and Manhattan, soaking up the sun sometime in 2010. This scene is on re-run almost daily.

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