Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two Tuxedos Tuesday and The Cat Whisperer Book

Good morning people of the Blogosphere!

Valentina:      This is Valentina
Manhattan:    ...And Manhattan too!

Valentina:      Yes, and Manhattan too. Geesh, I would have said that...okay, anyway we saw a new book yesterday. Z-Girl took it out of a brown envelope and smiled.

The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do

Is it that hard that you people need a book?

One thing we do know: Z-Girl learned a lot after a few consultations with Mieshelle via phone last year. She learned that punishing Coco for attacking Bessie and Lulu was NOT productive. While Coco is still not happy with them sharing our space, she is much better. When Coco is better, we are all better.

We just want to find the part of the book that says: "Don't go to work in an office, stay at home and play with your kitties all day," or the part that explains how to cat-ify this big apartment.

We've heard Z-Girl talk about getting us a cat tree, and also installing some cat shelves so we can climb and perch. Right now she seems focused on replacing things we've shredded. New sheers in the bedroom windows on Saturday, and just heard her make a call to someone who upholsters furniture. Could it be the big scratching post  couch will be covered in new fabric?

Why, that's like giving an artist a new canvas....

Manhattan:      A cat tree? Sure hope Z-Girl has the sense to put it by the window so I can survey for pigeons and catch sunbeams.

Oh, so I'm gonna sign off for us today. Last week I was napping. Come see us again soon!

This is Manhattan, over and out.

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