Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Tuxedos Tuesday: Frisky, Four and Fabulous...Happy Birthday, Valentina!

Hi blogger-people, THIS IS VALENTINA...

In case you didn't recognize me, this is my first solo photograph. Z-Girl took this of me when she brought me home in May of 2009. Look at my engagement with the camera. It's unparalleled. I know. I'm beautiful.

I'm also 4. I don't really know what that means but Z-Girl keeps saying it.

Manhattan turns 4 in a few months too, so I'm told. That means I won't be the only one with 4 attached to my name. Thankfully. I don't know if I can handle the expectations all on my own, so I'll be glad to share the title with Manhattan.

Manhattan: You go first, I'll just follow behind.

Valentina: You are the definition of a copy-cat, Manhattan. *sigh*

On the day that photo was taken, I was really happy to be carried in to the warehouse apartment to find Coco waiting by the Big Red Chair. She wasn't very happy, but I didn't care. I rushed to see her. She looked so much like my cat mama. Z-Girl says that's because Coco's cat mama is the same as mine. That makes us half sisters.

I was then, and still am, the ham-bone of the Squeedunk cats. Check this out:

Z-Girl invited a very talented photographer, Wendy Ploger, to do a photo shoot back in 2010. Naturally, my job was to be as cute as possible and I think I succeeded.

This is me thinking about climbing up the window. I know I can find a way...

Manhattan: Happy Birthday, Tuxedo Sister! 

Valentina: Thanks, M. I sure hope this 4 thing works out in my favor...

This is Valentina, over and out.


  1. Don't mean to be late to the party lovely girl, but Happy Belated Birthday!! We love your name and your beautiful black and white markings! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang

  2. Oh, thank you Zee/Zoey gang! Purrs back to you, I love to purrrrrr....~Valentina


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