Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy Mother's Day, to all the wonderful women who have been and continue to be part of my life.

Some of you are aunts or teachers or coaches or guides and have nurtured me on my path...

Some of you are my friends who have allowed me to be a part of your family, in some way, where I've witnessed your evolution into motherhood.

But only one of you is my mom. Only one of you held my hands when I was in elementary school and asked at the end of the school day, "did these little hands work hard today?" Only one of you taught me how to love kitties, and all animals.

Only one of you devoted her adult life to being the best mom she could be to Julie and me.

I love you Mom.

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  1. Such a lovely post, Laura. Happy Mother's Day to your mom, and moms everywhere.


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