Sunday, June 2, 2013

Easy Sunday you say?

What's so easy about a few days of over 90 degree heat with no air conditioner?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The blog posts have slowed down considerably and my working hours have increased in direct proportion. Given what I do...typing on the laptop is just not an option after reviewing and editing PowerPoints, Excel sheets and Word documents all day. Never mind the administrative work of calendar invites and e-mails.

No complaints about having a job, and one that is keeping me busy and challenged. I love that part of it. The part I don't like is the sheer exhaustion I feel and my inability to develop the blog.

After all, the Squeedunk gang has a lot to say.

For today, their main message is DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OPPRESSIVE HEAT, so I think a visit to Home Depot is in order. I've asked for repairs on the Heating/AC unit in my living room since October; and in my bedroom since March. I've put an urgent plea in today. If it goes unanswered, then I will have to ladder up to the chain to the owner.

I personally love the weather, I just need some cool air flowing through my space.

In other news, the construction has commenced across the street from my building. My windows will overlook the scene, until the ugly complex is completed. So there's every chance I'll start looking to leave here anyway. Sad, but true. The 150 Bay chapter may be closing for me shortly.

But you've heard me say that before.