Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cinna and the Hunger Games

This post was supposed to be the Grace of Goodbye. That one is still under construction, deep in the recesses of my mind. Today's thoughts are with a special cat formerly known as Curly, and now Cinna....

Super Storm Sandy was an event I'll not soon forget. I've written about it multiple times, so there's no need to re-state my perspective on the hours and days during and immediately following the floods. The beacon of light that shines through are the feline lives we were able to save after the fact.

Three brothers, living in a lot across the street from my building, were among the multiple rescues made in November and December of 2012. They've been living safely in a fantastic boarding facility, with a woman who has dedicated her entire self to the care of cats. We couldn't have asked for a better option, given that they lived outside and were subjected to winter's cold, summer's heat, and all the horrors of being feral cats--dogs who have owners that think chasing cats is sport; cars; broken bottles; no place to curl up comfortably and sleep; and parasites, just to name a few. They are comfortable, well fed, and socialized.

Cinna is a lover, and the woman that cares for him every day has said she will cry a river when he's adopted. Follows her everywhere. He is a charming boy, and truly ready for a home. While he's a happy cat in his boarding situation, we know that he will be even happier when he can have a human or humans who will devote love and attention to him.

The names Larry, Mo and Curly seemed easy enough when Nat hauled 3 to the vet for initial check ups. This was not the first choice for names--as I had been thinking names from the book and movie The Hunger Games would be fitting for this team who had to brave the outdoor conditions, never knowing for sure what was on the agenda for the day. Help arriving, but not always when needed. Food and water available but not necessarily on demand.

If we had room in our homes for all the rescues, we'd do it. There is a limit, and that limit doesn't stop us from our re-homing efforts. One day, a sanctuary. Until then, the mission is clear: placement.

If you or anyone you know is interested in a cat, Cinna is ready to meet you.

Contact me if you have questions. Or ideas. We'd love to make a placement by Labor Day!


  1. Cinna is quite handsome, and you can just see the love and an alert, inquisitive nature in his eyes. Thank you and Nat for rescuing Cinna and his brothers, and for their caretaker, who (obviously) loves them so! We have our fingers and paws crossed that Cinna's forever home comes very, very soon.

  2. Cinna is so beautiful...and so lucky to have a caregiver that loves her. We are hoping and purring that she finds a real forever home very soon! She needs to know the love and comfort of curling up on a sofa, on the bed and having a family of her very own.

  3. Thank you, we think Cinna is very handsome. We can tell you he truly is a super kitty and feel very lucky to have found Sue who takes such good care of him AND his two brothers who are still a bit leary of having strangers pet them. They have all come a long way from the road warrior days. Having all the people of the cat blogosphere sending out good vibes to the universe is just what we need!


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