Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday

Hello everyone...Valentina here...

I seem to be the only one in this apartment concerned about the blog.

Z Girl keeps making trips to Maryland. Packing up Nana Lou and Papa Joe's stuff so they can make a move. It's lonely when she goes but then she comes back and everything is back to normal.

These trips seem to be impeding with her ability to write, so here I am just to make sure there's a post.

Today, it's a rainy Tuesday. She's working from home, and we are dutifully napping in our various favorite spots around the warehouse apartment.

I personally like work from home days, because that means we get to spend more time together. That's great for me.

Manhattan is napping so she would prefer not to blog today. Geesh.

Rainy days and Tuesdays. Not very musical.

This is Vali, over and out....

A picture of me (laying down) and Manhattan in the window, surveying the hood.

Z Girl's Note: I too am concerned about the blog. Much to say, but I can't find the proper words or the time. It will just happen. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my work from home days with the girls.



  1. We totally understand! Life is like that sometimes ... so much to do, and then so much time has passed before you know it. We're glad you have work at home days together; how great are those? :)

    We hope you are all doing well, and that moving Z Girl's parents is going as smoothly as possible.

    Big hugs and headbonks to you, dear friends!

  2. We understand too! ...don't stress though. Blogging is all about having fun.
    We love you no matter what!

  3. Thank you to our faithful friends! We are so happy you read when we post :)


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