Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Two Tuxedo Tuesday: We're Back...

What is HAPPENING people?

This is Valentina.
This whole "working for a living" thing that Z Girl has been engrossed in has posed many problems for us. Well, for me specifically.

I have a lot to say, you know. And, given that it's been so long that I've been able to post here on this blog-thing, I've forgotten much of the fascinating facts about my life that I wanted to share with you.

In my time away, I've destroyed multiple Da Bird replacements; one room in the apartment was painted (and boy, was THAT a fiasco...art off the walls and drop cloths all over the furniture); a new coffee table has appeared; and Bessie and Lulu are making their way around the apartment even more these days. I continue my attempts at reigning them in but they are clever, those two.

Z-Girl has left us for a trip to Maryland. As she explains it, her Mom and Dad are moving to a place called Pittsburgh, and she is helping them with packing their house. That doesn't sound like fun. Well, wait, does it involve cardboard boxes? If it does, I retract my statement...

Hey everyone this is Manhattan.

All I know is that Z Girl was at that work place A LOT in June and early July. And I personally don't like those periods because I require special attention at various points in the day. So I was *starved* for affection for about 6 weeks.

It's all good now, except she up and left us again for a few days. Wait til she gets home...I will march all over the keyboard and sit on her while she tries to type.

And, Coco had a few teeth extracted. Valentina forgot to mention that right at the tail end of the work frenzy, Coco had to go to the vet. The good Dr. Hatch cleaned her teeth and said three had to come out. She smelled funny for a few days so Valentina hissed at her. I love Coco so I didn't hiss. I just flicked my tail a lot.

But back to the story...this is why I'm not big on the vet. I mean really, can you trust someone who removes a few of your teeth while you are sleeping?

We both hope you are having a fantastic Tuxedo Tuesday. It's pretty cool for us, given the whole Tuxedo thing.

This is Valentina and Manhattan saying: over and out....

Would you buy a calendar with this Wendy Ploger photo of ME (Valentina)? Well, you can. I'll be the May 5 cat of the day in 2014.


  1. Well May 5 is going to be a VERY special day!!!
    Of COURSE we'd buy a calendar with you in it!!!
    So glad you are all doing well...work that Z girl for some extra loving!
    ; ) Katie

  2. Katie, thank you! I am very happy that my photo will be seen by lots of happy cat people. It's ALMOST as good as appearing on playing cards, right? Miss Wendy says that she will come to take more photos of *me* until Z Girl gets herself one of those fancy-pants cameras that Gloman suggests. I love photo shoots! I can't wait!
    And Manhattan says: The cat sitter found me in my favorite spot on a shoe box in the back corner of the hall closet yesterday; so I am saving up all of my cuteness for when Z Girl is home. I enjoy my snuggle time, which she says is the best. I think that's because I was a feral kitty and she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to touch me. I love her, so I decided to let her and boy do I crave to be scratched and petted! Who knew? I'm not yet a great model, but I am getting better. Maybe next year the calendar judges will select a photo of me, Z Girl says I am adorable. And we all know how smart and unbiased SHE is...

  3. Hi Valentina! Thanks for catching us up on all that's been going on. We're sorry that Z Girl has been so busy lately, but SURELY this means that she is forever in your debt, and must now repay you with EXTRA love and attention. Right?

    We would TOTALLY buy a calendar that included your beautiful photo! :)

    Good luck to Z Girl's parents with the move. We hope it all goes smoothly.


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