Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Valentina here, folks.

The Squeedunk Cats want to wish you a Happy Halloween. We don't get dressed up, and we don't have trick or treaters that come to our door. Yet, we know this is a fun and festive time for humans and pets alike.

Z-Girl told me today about two kitties she lived with once upon a time. Punkin was an orange tabby boy, and the other was Chaucer, a black boy. Punkin was a stray kitty who found my Nana Lou (that's Z-Girls mama) and decided he wanted to live in her house. Nana Lou already had three kitties, and Papa Joe didn't want more.

That didn't stop my Nana. She went out in the snow one day and the snow was so deep that when he tried to run toward her it looked like he was swimming. He came into the garage. And then the laundry room. And then, once Top Cat Pyewacket gave the OK, the rest of the house. He was a pale orange tabby and had beautiful, thick fur. Sweet as can be, Z-Girl says.

Chaucer came along a little later, when all three of the other kitties had departed for the Rainbow Bridge. Punkin was not used to being alone. He didn't really care for it too much. Baby Chaucer came in and ended that loneliness. They were buddies for life. 

Z-Girl says that this time of year reminds her of her two boys: One named for the gourd of the season and the other the poster cat of Halloween. Both of them unwanted by someone, but oh, so loved by the Zaccardi family.

The chase, backyard of 9007 Furrow, 1995

Although both have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they live on in Z-Girl's heart. When she went through the dozens of family photo albums this summer, she found so many beautiful pictures of them together. 

Here is Z-Girl with Chaucer and his very first pumpkin. (Note the pumpkins on Z-Girl's shoes...yikes!)

Chaucer checks out his very own pumpkin, 1995

We'll share more photos and stories about them in future posts. They were a great duo. 

Peace, my baby boys, Laura

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