Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coco on Easy Sunday...

Hello, This is Coco.

I love Sunday. Today was a beautiful one, starting with the moonlight spilling on the concrete floors as the night turned to dawn.

Then lots of activity (Z-Girl is always bustling about on a Sunday), and today I was able to help. As she tried with all her might to replace the red chair slipcover she removed to launder last week, I sat on the chair. Naturally. I grew bored of that and moved to my painted trunk.

Then Uncle Robert had to come upstairs and HE was able to get the slipcover over the curved arms [I won't mention that Z-Girl had a flat-out argument with the chair last night, because that would be embarrassing. For me.]. Then I went back to sleep on the back of the chair. Because that's what I do. I mean, isn't everything supposed to be covered in cat fur?

Z-Girl has some laundry piled I suppose this means I'll have something warm to snuggle on soon.

Coco, over and out.


  1. That sure is a pretty nice Sunday, Coco. So, did you end up getting that nice warm laundry to snuggle on?

    What an ornery, troublemaking chair! ;)


    1. Mr. Kevin, it was a very nice Sunday. Z-Girl did not do laundry, so I await with all the patience my cat-self can muster, for her to run a few loads this week.
      I love the red chair, despite the fact that Z-Girl argued with it--we Squeedunk cats enjoy sleeping on it and using it to play hide and seek.
      I heard that Moosey was soaking up the sun yesterday. Lucky kitty.

  2. oco, that is a beautiful trunk you're lounging on!
    we hope you were able to spread your wonderful cat hair everywhere this Sunday!
    ; ) Katie

    1. Katie, that trunk is very colorful and I happen to look marvelous sitting on top of it. I'd say it is my favorite perch, when I choose not to be inside my Queen Sheba tent. I'll have to post about that one day...

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