Sunday, November 17, 2013

Easy Sunday: Lulu's Voice

Ok. Hi, I'm Lulu.
Wait, is this thing on?

Valentina: Yes, Lulu. Go ahead.

Lulu: Okay. So I'm Lulu. I'm the 5th of the Squeedunk Cats and I've never written a post. Truth is, most people don't know I'm here because I retreat under the bed when someone new enters the apartment. My Mama, who Z-Girl calls Bessie, investigates and tells me if it is safe or if I need to stay nestled in my favorite under the bed nook.

But I have a lot to say and I think it's about time that someone not Valentina  else told a few stories.

That's me, at almost 3 months. The butterscotch on my paw earns me extra treats. I don't know why...

Z-Girl was asked to give a photo of one of us to Miss Leah, who does a YouTube [and TV] segment called Who's On Deck. Miss Leah interviewed animal communicator and author, Gail Thackray. Gail looked at pictures of cats and dogs Leah presented to her, and gave information from each pet. Z-Girl submitted my photo, I am a YouTube star now and my message for Z-Girl is here. There is a grey cat called Lulu in the segment too, so look for me around the 7:54 mark.

That may lead you to ask the question about *my* rescue, right? I mean, Z-Girl has talked about the rescues from Super Storm Sandy but when Mama Bessie, my brother (now known as the Captain and living with someone else) and I were rescued, Z-Girl regaled everyone with stories about us for over a month. We lived in a hole at the base of a warehouse here in the PAD. Mama Bessie would go out and get food for us. She found Aunt Nat, who fed her, and then naturally that meant Z-Girl followed.

I'll come back and talk about my rescue sometime. Once you watch the Who's On Deck video, you'll at least know what I have to say about it.

With my Mama Bessie, we are two peas in a pod.

Gail explains to everyone that I'm still looking for my role and my spot, and that's very true. The other Squeedunk Cats don't necessarily love me, but I keep trying. Z-Girl says they are jealous. I don't know why. I just want to play. Oh, and I want to help! That's why I wanted to share my voice. To tell you about Mo and Larry.

They are two boys that Aunt Nat rescued immediately after Super Storm Sandy. One brother has already been placed. Curly. He's really happy. Mo and Larry are still in boarding, and are in need of a foster home. They've learned a lot while at Simply Cats Hotel, but it's time to take the next jump and  live with humans 24/7. Sure, they know a litter box, and hide from the vacuum cleaner. Yet they are still shy and need some helpful hands from a foster guardian who can give them even more confidence so they can be adopted. They should stay together, like Mama Bessie and me. Like PB&J, we go together. Rama-lama and all that.

Larry and Mo, looking at the outside world from inside Simply Cats Hotel.

Larry and Mo are almost two years old, neutered, negative and very healthy. They've been extremely well cared for by Miss Sue at Simply Cats. Her boarding facility isn't really meant for long-term stays. So, Aunt Nat and Z-Girl want to move them to the next phase to help them find furrever homes.

Who knows? Aunt Nat's boyfriend, Mr. Phil, he sells flokati rugs. Maybe whoever adopts Mo and Larry will get a small flokati rug for them. Mama Bessie and I love our flokatis.

Valentina: Uh, Lulu, I have one too.

Lulu: I know Valentina. TRUST ME, I know.

Well, if you want to foster, then you should contact Z-Girl.

How do you turn this thing OFF?

Valentina: Just say over and out.

Lulu: Oh. Okay. OVER AND OUT.


  1. Big purr going out for Larry & Mo!
    We just tweeted and Googled (even though we're mad at Mr. Google) and we FB'd!

    1. Thank mew Miss Debbie! Don't tell Waff, but I have a big crush on him...I hear about him all the time, and it sounds like he would like to play like I like to play....
      We will keep everyone posted on Mo and Larry's journey...paws crossed!

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  3. Larry and Mo are in JC? I'll have to share. Where's Simply Cat Hotel at.

    1. Larry and Mo are in Flemington (where Simply Cats is located) right now, but they were rescued from First Street in JC after SS last year. They were part of a small colony. Shares are appreciated!

  4. Hiya, dear pals. Thank you for sharing about these special kitties. We just tweeted your post, and will share it on Facebook tonight (i.e. when meowmeowmans is NOT at work). We have our paws and fingers crossed that Larry and Mo will find their happily ever after real soon. Hugs!


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