Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Giving

Happy Thursday, everyone. This is Coco "Cranky Pants" Chanel.

With Z-Girl. Photography by Wendy Ploger.

I know that today is a day the people in the US call Thanksgiving. Taking off work, preparing a turkey meal, spending time with people who fill your heart with love (and likely some anxiety). Thinking about the things for which you are grateful.

Maybe I missed something, but shouldn't this be *every day*? Perhaps it's just the practical cat in me, but I can't see why a whole holiday is needed to be thankful.

Valentina: Coco, that's not what Z-Girl said. She said it's a special day of thanks. Not the only day to give thanks.

Coco: Whatever. As I was saying, being thankful is something we seek to acknowledge every day in the warehouse apartment. So we wanted to share with our readers those things that we honor regularly. Sometimes in the morning, when Z-Girl is fixing five plates of wet food and three bowls of dry food, she recites her top of mind list for that day. Or, as we hunker down for lights out at night--Z-Girl will speak about something ordinary that we should hold close in our hearts. Here's a smattering:

The moonlight that spills through the windows and all over the floor, especially during the cold months. It's glorious.

The colorful skies we see through those same windows.
Lulu: I love to gaze out the windows all times of day or night!

Coco: Warm piles of fresh laundry.

The no-flea, no ear-mite policy of living indoors.

Contract work that meant Z-Girl could work from home for 3 days out of the week for 8 months this year.

All the very talented cat and dog bloggers we've met virtually this past year.

Z-Girl's parents. They give us support when we need it. They even bought me a nifty bed that Bessie and Lulu now sleep in every day.

The fact that friends who have had serious health struggles this year are doing well and are strong. Z-Girl loves her friends. A lot. 

Valentina: Tulle. I love tulle.
Lulu: Me too, I love tulle too!

Manhattan: The warehouse apartment. We all love it. Concrete floors for sliding and running.
Bessie: Flokati rugs.
Lulu: I like those too, Mama Bessie!
Valentina: I have my own.

Coco: Okay, not a contest Vali. Just a list.

Shoes. Z-Girl likes them for one reason, and all of us are fascinated by them for entirely different reasons.
Cardboard boxes.
My Queen Sheba tent. 
The Big Red Chair.
The Long White Dining Room Table.
Art. We have a collection from the talented artists in the neighborhood. It's fancy.
The fact that my coat has beautiful, one-of-a-kind swirls on it.

I especially am thankful that Dr. Joyce, who rescued me and my siblings, didn't allow the first person who adopted me to give me to the Humane Society when she realized she was allergic to cats.No, Joyce took me back and found Z-Girl through one of her employees, so this is where I landed. 

We all have stories about how we came to be who and where we are. And whoever and wherever and whatever that is, be happy. Life's about chasing sunbeams and eating treats. Taking naps and purring. If you get caught up in the pursuit of a happiness that isn't authentic, you'll need one day out of the year to think about all the good around you. Why not do it every day, like we do?

Thank you for stopping by. And for reading and posting when you do. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday. Let your gratitude and your charity extend past today. It just feels right.
Valentina, in Mr. Robert's art bowl and on the Long White Dining Room Table (which is allegedly off limits). Well, was off limits.

This is Coco. Over and Out.


  1. Wonderful list and we could not agree with the sentiment more - Happy Thanksgiving from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

    1. Hope you had a peaceful and fulfilling day, Zee and Zoey gang!!

  2. Happy warm holiday purrrrrsss. We're social media sharing this with love.

    1. Thank you Layla! Holiday purrs to you too! Can't wait to read your next interview with the Thieving Filmmaker!


  3. What a beautiful Thanksgiving post! We just love you all to pieces.
    Whenever we think of people and kitties we are thankful to have met and become friends are at the top of that list!

    1. Thank you, Glogirly! You know we are all big Katie and Waffles fans here in the warehouse apartment, so it makes us all feel snuggly and warm to know you like us too! xoxo


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