Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two Tuxedo Toosday: Tulle

Hey everyone! Valentina here!

Manhattan: I'm here too, Valentina. Remember: it's Two Tuxedo. That's us. Me and you.

Valentina: Right. (Is it me, or is everyone overly sensitive about me and this blog thing?)

Anyway, there's something else I've been wanting to share with all of our readers. It's part of how our apartment was deemed the Princess Palace. The secret is tulle.

That's me, posing with my baby blues, back in 2009. On the now famous red chair that Z-Girl argued with Saturday night...

The story goes something like this. Z-Girl moved into the warehouse apartment back in June 2006.

Because she is into the Shabby Chic look and didn't quite know what she wanted to do for window dressings by her bed area, she bought a bunch of tulle and filled the windows with it to help absorb light until shades arrived. Then, she moved the tulle so it acted like valences in the bedroom windows, and found netted panels for curtains in the living room (kinda tulle-like themselves).

In 2008, after Coco came to live here, she discovered some tulle draped over Mercedes (she is a Bunnies By the Bay bunny, back when they made things for grown ups).
(Look how little Coco was in this picture...)

Coco quickly found that tulle has multiple properties. When sitting on a concrete surface, if you are a kitten, you can run, slide and you'll surf. You can also can get under it, and it becomes and invisibility cloak. The world looks so nice peering through pink tulle. And, if you bunch it up, it's nice and soft.

When I arrived, I followed everything Coco did (she is my half sister, you know). I have been known to drag a 9 foot long piece of tulle from one end of the apartment to the other. (Sometimes, a cat has to do what a cat has to do to ensure the decor is suitable).

Now Z-Girl has tulle draped all around the apartment for us. Lulu also loves tulle. Manhattan and Bessie don't hate it but they don't seem to love it like Coco, Lulu and me. Some people have been overheard saying that tulle isn't a grown up way to decorate an apartment.

Little do they know this doesn't bother Z-Girl. She kinda has done things her own way when it comes to fashion and style, all her life. Even before Madonna made it cool.

Other people love the whimsical nature of our surroundings. From the Sticks painted furniture, to the colorful walls and black and white stripped base boards, to the silly tulle that is mostly for us cats but still adorns the windows (along with fashionable sheers that we are not supposed to chew through...), it really is a Princess Palace. 5 feline princesses and one human princess.

And hey...Shabby Chic is up for interpretation, right? I mean, it's a good thing she likes Shabby Chic cuz we have shredded the couch...so maybe a little more Shabby than Chic...

The non tulle sheers that had peep holes, compliments of Lulu and me. They were replaced earlier this year...this is me, contemplating a straight jump up...

We love it here. And we love having you read about our mis-adventures within the 14 foot walls and concrete floors of our warehouse Princess Palace...

This is Valentina, over and out.

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  1. We think the Princess Palace sounds very palatial, indeed, Valentina and Manhattan! And we always enjoy reading about your adventures there. :)

    Big hugs to you kitties, and to Z-Girl,too


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