Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Two Tuxedo Toosday: Where have all the pigeons gone?

Valentina is on the BLOG people!

I have some news.

First, we've decided to change the spelling of our Two Tuxedo Tuesday posts to be Two Tuxedo Toosday. We hope you know that we know the correct spelling. This is a blog. And we are cats. So anything goes.

Second, with all the activity INSIDE the warehouse apartment, I've neglected to report to you what is happening OUTSIDE the warehouse apartment. It has had serious consequences on the Fab Five.

You see, we live in a neighborhood in Jersey City, New Jersey that has a variety of old warehouses. Some of them not fully utilized, some of them completely refurbished, some totally unused. Across from our 10 story building was a Manischewitz production site that was built in 1932. I don't really know about the details, but when Z-Girl moved to Jersey City, it was not in use. By people.

On the other hand, the underbelly of that building and our building served as homes for feral cats and opossum while the rooftop was a playground for my very favorite kitty TV stars, pigeons.

Manhattan: Hey, Valentina, are you going to mention that I used to live under our building?

Manhattan at the vet after her rescue from under 150 Bay, February 2010

Valentina: Manhattan, please, I'm in the middle of a story. Geesh.

Anyway, Z-Girl blogged about our pigeon watching previously. You can read her musings here.
This construction, unwanted by all the artists and certainly the feral cats in the hood, has completely disrupted the playground for the pigeons.

This means I have no bird entertainment. No pigeons on the Manishewitz building means no pigeons coming by to hang out on our window ledge. No more sitting completely still while chattering. Nada. It's maddening.

Instead, we are subjected daily to the sound of construction and the sight of cranes and bulldozers. And these aren't cranes with feathers. These are big, ugly steel cranes that make a lot of unnecessary noise.

The beginning of the madness, Jersey City, 2013

Every day, Lulu wakes up and gets in the window near Z-Girl's bed, and watches all the workers show up. I think she has a clipboard and takes attendance. Once the buzz and hum of the equipment starts, none of us are too interested in window lounging. Oh, we still do it because it's our duty to keep a close watch on the changes. But gone are the mornings of looking for the birds.

I miss them so.

Tuxedo Window Lounge, 2011

This is Valentina, Over and Out.


  1. Hi Valentina,

    Pigeon TV for big ugly loud metal thingy TV??? WE say THAT sounds like a pretty rotten trade, especially for you kitties.

    We hope you all have a nice weekend.


    1. Mr. Kevin, we are NOT happy with the ugly cranes. It's just not fun.

  2. Whoa! Did I have a hard time finding you! First your profile ain't available and then the blog address on your twitter profile is a dead link. Anyhoo, you anywhere near da hood where I come from. CommuniPAW? Now that every square inch of Hoboken is gentified, I guess theoy're starting on JC. Not along am I gonna lose MY Bird TV soon, but we're gonna lose our view and sun when the one percent scum that bought the factory next door builds it into a 4 story building. We'll be looking at walls instead of the NYC skyline.

    1. Cathy Keisha, Z-Girl says that we need to investigate some lineage. We think there may be some connections here in the warehouse apartment with you...We live down in the PAD (Powerhouse Arts District) off of Marin and Columbus...we would be happy with 4 stories. We're gonna have 42 stories. THAT stinks.
      And thanks for the tip on the Twitter link...but profile? Not sure where we aren't available but THAT can't be good!!!

  3. Oh kitties...I feel your pain. Two summers ago the townhouse was wrapped up like dinner leftovers in a ziplock bag while the exterior stucco was completely ripped off and replaced. There was scaffolding SO close to our windows, I couldn't even EAT in private.

    Be brave. We'll pray for your pigeons.

    1. Katie, we would NOT do well with all that noise. I don't know how you survived? Did you petition the management of your townhouse? Often, my pleas are not handled to my satisfaction but I persist.
      Please pray that our pigeons have found another place to hang out. And that maybe some will come by to visit.
      Thank you!

  4. Geez... what a bummer. A loud, inconvenient, and obnoxious bummer... We wonder what new buildings the pigeons found... Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

    1. Thank you Z&Z gang. I'm sure that you understand--with all the great things you get to see outside, you would likely miss your birds too, right?
      Hope everyone is doing well and Concatulations to Deb on her big award!


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