Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sundays should be easy...

Hi there! This is Lulu, coming back to the blog! Hooray!

This is me w/my mama Bessie, on an Easy Sunday summer of 2011. Our floors are concrete, so they may look dirty but that's just the way they look after being cleaned and polished! 

It's Sunday. This is supposed to be fun day, right?

Well, Z-Girl informed us last night that she has to go to the Mall today. She explained that at this time of year, that prospect isn't so much fun. She said that she isn't finished her Christmas shopping and she said to put our paws together and hope for a peaceful and successful entrance and exit.

Meanwhile, we'll window gaze at the snow that fell all day yesterday. Honestly, this morning it doesn't look nearly as beautiful but I for one have a job to do, and that's to take inventory of everything I can see through these windows.

We hope that where ever you are it's safe and comfy and maybe you are listening to music, or spending time with people you enjoy.

This is Lulu, over and out!


  1. I hope Z-girl has a successful shopping trip!

  2. Glogirly dreads the mall... but today she stopped at IKEA and I hear there's something really cool going up in the townhouse soon!
    : ) Katie

    1. Katie, that sounds great! Z-Girl has a lot of chatter about "catification" involving thingys from Ikea, but honestly, I've not seen on purchase in that direction. We look forward to photos! ~Lulu

    2. *one, not on...typing with fur between your paw pads is a challenge, you know....

  3. We think Z-Girl is VERY brave. The mall is kind of a scary place this time of year! So, how did the shopping trip go?

  4. Happy birthday, Mr. Kevin! Z-Girl came back with bags and boxes and tissue paper. Some items from the bag went into her dresser but a lot were folded up and placed inside boxes. Is that good? She seemed happy. ~Lulu


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