Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Warehouse Wednesday: Valentina's Update

Hey everyone, Valentina comin' at ya on a Wednesday.

We've been (we hope noticeably) absent since Thanksgiving. It's been busy again in the warehouse apartment.

First of all, I am going to have to update you on my trip to Vet at the Barn. I'm not ready to share the entire experience yet, but suffice it to say I was carried in my "box" to the appointment. I am not a fan of long car rides, but I had to endure 1 hour to meet Dr. Bea, and then over an hour driving back home. The good news is I get special fish shaped treats to eat every day now. I did hear something about "losing weight," but I've chosen to ignore that until swimsuit season is upon me.

Secondly, Z-Girl comes home from work almost every day with boxes. You may not be aware, but I love *love* cardboard boxes. So this is like a party every time she walks in the door. A few days ago, she arrived with several deliveries that smelled quite tempting.

Turns out, these were indeed filled with cat food. Earmarked for other kitties.

What the h....

She opened a box, viewed the contents and then closed it back up. *But*, she didn't use tape. Naturally, when I knew she was fast asleep, I went to work. As a chief inspector for the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation), I had my paws full. I jumped on top of the box and managed to open it. But then I was challenged by the brown paper blocking me from the treasure. Fear not, I worked my way around that minor distraction, got to the bag and chewed through it, revealing hard, crunchy food. Lots of it.

But, Z-Girl busted me the next day. She has effectively blocked me from that box and then removed the other two from the apartment entirely. Foiled again!

According to what I've managed to hear Z-Girl say, Dr. Holly (our favorite veterinarian) is fostering a few kittens. So two boxes of kitten formula are going to her. The rest is going to feed the feral colony here in the 'hood. Puck and his gang of felines.

I'm still not clear why I can't have some of the food. I mean, just a few morsels. What's the harm in that? I am happy to share, I just want to taste...

That's all I've got for right now. Z-Girl will give you more updates on the outside feral kitties soon.

This is Valentina, over and out.


  1. Hi Valentina! It sounds like you had a pretty good checkup (other than the "losing weight" part, which is beyond us, 'cause we think you look mah-velous). :)

    Good job with the box inspection. Sorry that food wasn't for you, but we're glad it's going to help Dr. Holly's fosters, and the feral colony!

    1. Hi Mr. Kevin! Thank you. Dr. Bea said the weight loss would help some pain in my hips. I'm pretty young to have hip and joint issues, but...they finally stopping looking at my eyes and figured out that the reason I have a little trouble with jumps is that pain. I'm eating my glyco treats and so we'll see how much it helps me... Yea, those other kitties need that food more than me but gosh I just wanna have some too...


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