Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Catify

Hi, this is Bessie.

Evidence: We need stimulation in the Warehouse apartment.
Solution: Catfication.

We'll have some BEFORE pictures to share soon.
Then, we'll post AFTER photos once the project is underway.

I for one can't wait. 

There's more to life than flokati rugs....

Bessie, Over and Out.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Tuxedo Tuesday: The Inside on the Outside

Hi Everyone, Valentina reporting in after another brief hiatus. It's been unusually cold here in the Powerhouse Arts District (PAD). We've heard stuff on the TV about how bad the weather has been the last few weeks, so every night we ask St. Francis to help the feral cats in Jersey City.

Z-Girl wanted to give the inside scoop on the outside cats back in November. But with the holly-days, it didn't seem appropriate. So I decided to help give the updates cuz Z-Girl--she can get a little emotional.

This is Puck, when he was not quite a year old, sitting in a beam in what was an abandoned lot.

Jersey City has a feral cat population that crosses neighborhoods. Aunt Nat and Z-Girl look after cats in the PAD section. Given the construction of several buildings currently afoot, there's been multiple re-locations of individual kitties. Puck, pictured above, used to hang out in an open lot diagonal from our building. But that lot is now filled with tons of steel rods and equipment, for the building that is going up in front of our window. The very same building construction that has interrupted the pigeon's playground that used to convene on top of the abandoned Manischewitz factory. But--I digress.

The PAD colony is now living in a location that I can't disclose so as to protect the kitties. To assist in telling the story, we'll call this location a lot. The day prior to Thanksgiving, Z-Girl received a text from Aunt Nat at work.
"Very sad news, one of the younger cats from the colony was killed by a car; received word from Helen and came to see if he could be saved. It's terrible. I won't describe it. At the same time, I heard cries in the lot and found Blackie. He is not well. I rushed him to Dr. H and he's taking a look. Text you when I know more."

Z-Girl was overwhelmingly sad. One kitty, tragically and senselessly killed by a speeding car. And Blackie. Turns out he had cancer and tumors in his mouth and was FIV positive, in organ failure. Dr. H said that there was nothing he could do for him. Aunt Nat and Z-Girl had to give the okay for him to be put to rest.

Needless to say there were lots of tears. Z-Girl told us just that previous Saturday evening that Blackie was the first at the lot to come for food when she went to feed the colony. That night it was cold (but not below freezing), and he emerged from a pile of leaves. He slowly approached and took his share of dinner. The other cats who came out stood back and allowed him to eat.

Z-Girl texted Aunt Nat after serving dinner and they shared the same belief that Blackie was sick, and needed help. But what to do? Where to put him? This is the constant dilemma they face: kitties in need and limited resources.

The holly-days are not really Z-Girl's favorite time of year, but she knows that many people have different perspectives. So, she opted not to tell this story to our readers when it took place. We decided that it's okay to tell it now--in the context of continuing to raise awareness about the plight of the feral kitties, or those cats who find themselves left outside by humans with little sense or no heart. We here at Squeedunk want to be part of the solution.

The status on the colony through this arctic cold, snow and ice has been tenuous. Uncle Phil and Aunt Nat have put multiple cat shelters in the lot, camouflaging them from plain view. The Leader Cat, Puck, and the other three kitties do take refuge in them which we all believe has been a critical factor in their survival. The last week has been shrouded in some mystery---little to no food consumed and only one cat appearing for nightly feedings. At least last night Aunt Nat saw three of them. The temperatures are dipping again, and the situation becomes dire when this happens. Aunt Nat and Z-Girl keep close eye on them and will trap and vet anyone who is in need.

We hope all kitties who live in the shadows can be rescued and placed in loving homes. Between them, Aunt Nat and Z-Girl have been a part of rescuing and re-homing close to 30 kitties right here in the PAD! Yet their work continues.

Maybe someday soon, Puck will be on the Inside looking Out, just like Manhattan, Bessie, Lulu are today--and so many of the other PAD kitties once on the streets.
Me n Manhattan, PAD watchin'. 

This is Valentina, Over and Out.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

There's something about sunsets that I really, really do love.

Wow. That sounds like the beginning of a profile, doesn't it?

I made the decision to work from home today. Wasn't up for the arctic cold. As the sun started to set, I was on the phone so I was able to gaze out the window, marveling as the sky subtly changed colors from grey blue, to pink and almost burgundy, to shades of ink-blue, and fade to black. Nature's artwork.

Although this photo was taken in Costa Rica while I watched a spectacular display, I'll admit that my favorite sunsets are in ordinary places: my hometown of Ellicott City, and gazing through my urban neighborhood apartment windows.

This is Z-Girl, over and out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This is Bessie.

Today it's easy Sunday. We like lazy, easy Sunday afternoons here in the warehouse apartment. Z-Girl turns on some music and keeps cozy blankets and sweatshirts available for us. I personally curl up on *everything* she puts out on her bed because I love Z-Girl scented clothes.

Over the last few days here in Jersey City it snowed and then the temperatures dropped so much that after I sat in the window looking at my 'hood, I had to sit on the heater to take my bath and warm up. That's pretty darn cold.

Z-Girl keeps telling us about the other kitties who live outside in our 'hood. And if not for our Great Rescue, Lulu and I would still be out there.

 This is me with both my kittens after our Great Rescue. The Captain (on the left) has a happy home with a brother and loving guardian.

Manhattan: Me too. Remember, Bessie--I was the first Great Rescue Z-Girl and Aunt Natalie performed as a duo.

Bessie: Yes, that's right Manhattan. And you were Caught in February?

Manhattan: Right. I survived a snow storm in 2009, Z-Girl came out and cleared away the snow from the grate where I came out to get food, and also made a little spot for my food tin. It was very cold and wet on my paws.

Bessie: Manhattan and I don't always agree, but on this we do: It's too cold for any domestic animal to be outside. The plight of the feral cats is one that is dear to all of us here at Squeedunk. Luckily, Lulu was a baby when the Great Rescue of  July 2011 took place so she doesn't know what it means to live in the cold, wet conditions of the winter.

Aunt Natalie has made a few houses for the ferals in our neighborhood. They have been nestled inside when she's fed the last few nights, so they are finding them useful. But the temperatures are threatening to dip again.

We know that together, Z-Girl and Natalie will do the best they can. Their resolve grows stronger with every capture and every loss.

Maybe in 2014 more people will adopt and still more will help where they can. As I day dream in the window, this is my hope.

Happy Easy Sunday, fur friends and human friends. Wanna adopt? Check our Rescue Me page.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt: AQUA

Hello, good people, this is Coco Chanel.

Today we want to participate in the Saturday Photo Hunt AQUA.

So here is my favorite spot for lounging--the painted trunk.

The painted trunk has lots of words on it but the center of it says Life Is, surrounded by a beautiful shade of aqua...

Here is a picture of Valentina and me on the trunk when she was a kitten. I let her wash my ears back then.

In this shot you can see but not read the words on the trunk...

The warehouse apartment has lots of whimsical colors in it, so naturally we have splashes of aqua. It goes so well with purple.

Enjoy your Caturday, everyone. I'll be on the trunk to sunbathe at some point today. You can count on it.

This is Coco, over and out.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Hey everyone, this is Valentina.

Happy New Year! We read so many of our favorite blogs and Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds over the holidays and didn't do any writing from the warehouse apartment. Sometimes it's good to be quiet and appreciate the gifts of the season. Thanks to all of our talented friends on the blogosphere, we were surrounded with good cheer!

This is my submission to Box Day Catsravaganza on Cult of Otis. I received good props for my side sit.

Now we're back and ready to roll for 2014. Here's a few things we hope for, from our urban domain:

1) Cat-ification of our space. Z-Girl has been muttering something about a designer and new furniture and maybe even some levels on the walls where we cats can climb and hang out. We are skeptical, but hopeful...
2) Harmony. Apparently, the division in the apartment between Coco/Manhattan and me against Bessie and Lulu is something that Z-Girl wants to change. The new furniture arrangements (yet to be defined) should help with that...or so SHE says.
3) More assistance to kitties in need. We have helped as best we could over the last 5 years, but there's more we can do. More blogging, more involvement, more personal time.
4) Good health: Z-Girl says it's time we all cleaned up our acts. Less treats for her, probably less treats for us. More natural food for her, more natural food for us. I'm not sure what that means but so far the changes have been tasty (for the most part--I did fully reject one attempt).
5) Less last minute thinking, more planful living. Oh, don't get us wrong. Last minute decisions are fun but we need a better balance in order to come to you regularly here on Squeedunk. And to spread more goodness to people and kitties in need.

Those are our goals. Not resolutions. Z-Girl has one about running but we run every day so we don't get why someone would need a goal. Just DO IT.

This is Valentina, over and out!