Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This is Bessie.

Today it's easy Sunday. We like lazy, easy Sunday afternoons here in the warehouse apartment. Z-Girl turns on some music and keeps cozy blankets and sweatshirts available for us. I personally curl up on *everything* she puts out on her bed because I love Z-Girl scented clothes.

Over the last few days here in Jersey City it snowed and then the temperatures dropped so much that after I sat in the window looking at my 'hood, I had to sit on the heater to take my bath and warm up. That's pretty darn cold.

Z-Girl keeps telling us about the other kitties who live outside in our 'hood. And if not for our Great Rescue, Lulu and I would still be out there.

 This is me with both my kittens after our Great Rescue. The Captain (on the left) has a happy home with a brother and loving guardian.

Manhattan: Me too. Remember, Bessie--I was the first Great Rescue Z-Girl and Aunt Natalie performed as a duo.

Bessie: Yes, that's right Manhattan. And you were Caught in February?

Manhattan: Right. I survived a snow storm in 2009, Z-Girl came out and cleared away the snow from the grate where I came out to get food, and also made a little spot for my food tin. It was very cold and wet on my paws.

Bessie: Manhattan and I don't always agree, but on this we do: It's too cold for any domestic animal to be outside. The plight of the feral cats is one that is dear to all of us here at Squeedunk. Luckily, Lulu was a baby when the Great Rescue of  July 2011 took place so she doesn't know what it means to live in the cold, wet conditions of the winter.

Aunt Natalie has made a few houses for the ferals in our neighborhood. They have been nestled inside when she's fed the last few nights, so they are finding them useful. But the temperatures are threatening to dip again.

We know that together, Z-Girl and Natalie will do the best they can. Their resolve grows stronger with every capture and every loss.

Maybe in 2014 more people will adopt and still more will help where they can. As I day dream in the window, this is my hope.

Happy Easy Sunday, fur friends and human friends. Wanna adopt? Check our Rescue Me page.


  1. Those are some wonderful hopes, sweet Bessie. We're hoping and purring right along with you. Please tell Z-Girl and Auntie Natalie that we love them and appreciate all they do to help the feral kitties there. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Mr. Kevin--we know that you send out good wishes to the universe for all the kitties in need!


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