Friday, January 3, 2014


Hey everyone, this is Valentina.

Happy New Year! We read so many of our favorite blogs and Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds over the holidays and didn't do any writing from the warehouse apartment. Sometimes it's good to be quiet and appreciate the gifts of the season. Thanks to all of our talented friends on the blogosphere, we were surrounded with good cheer!

This is my submission to Box Day Catsravaganza on Cult of Otis. I received good props for my side sit.

Now we're back and ready to roll for 2014. Here's a few things we hope for, from our urban domain:

1) Cat-ification of our space. Z-Girl has been muttering something about a designer and new furniture and maybe even some levels on the walls where we cats can climb and hang out. We are skeptical, but hopeful...
2) Harmony. Apparently, the division in the apartment between Coco/Manhattan and me against Bessie and Lulu is something that Z-Girl wants to change. The new furniture arrangements (yet to be defined) should help with that...or so SHE says.
3) More assistance to kitties in need. We have helped as best we could over the last 5 years, but there's more we can do. More blogging, more involvement, more personal time.
4) Good health: Z-Girl says it's time we all cleaned up our acts. Less treats for her, probably less treats for us. More natural food for her, more natural food for us. I'm not sure what that means but so far the changes have been tasty (for the most part--I did fully reject one attempt).
5) Less last minute thinking, more planful living. Oh, don't get us wrong. Last minute decisions are fun but we need a better balance in order to come to you regularly here on Squeedunk. And to spread more goodness to people and kitties in need.

Those are our goals. Not resolutions. Z-Girl has one about running but we run every day so we don't get why someone would need a goal. Just DO IT.

This is Valentina, over and out!

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  1. Those are wonderful things to hope for, Valentina.
    We are particularly excited about your Catification!!!
    Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Happy New Year, sweet friends!
    the GLOGIRLY gang


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