Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

There's something about sunsets that I really, really do love.

Wow. That sounds like the beginning of a Match.com profile, doesn't it?

I made the decision to work from home today. Wasn't up for the arctic cold. As the sun started to set, I was on the phone so I was able to gaze out the window, marveling as the sky subtly changed colors from grey blue, to pink and almost burgundy, to shades of ink-blue, and fade to black. Nature's artwork.

Although this photo was taken in Costa Rica while I watched a spectacular display, I'll admit that my favorite sunsets are in ordinary places: my hometown of Ellicott City, and gazing through my urban neighborhood apartment windows.

This is Z-Girl, over and out.


  1. What a beautiful picture. We agree about sunsets and sunrises ... they are so often more magnificent than anything we could ever imagine.

    Stay warm!

    1. thank you Mr. Kevin...they truly are one of the many beautiful art installations of nature!

  2. Lovely... one of the nicest things Dan and I do now and again is either get up really early for a beach side sunrise or we go to the Everglades for a sunset... It really just cleanses the soul...

  3. I have to agree...the most beautiful sunsets are the unexpected ones. Just a couple of days ago, driving home from the take-out place, I saw the most amazing pink sky. Those are the ones that take my breath away.

    1. GG, I so agree. This particular sunset had many shades of pink into burgundy, then twisted in to a purple, ink blue and fade to black. I felt like I was watching an incredible light show. I love it when I see one of the girls perched on the windowsill, taking in the scene change as well.


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