Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunny-side Up Sunday

Hi, it's Lulu.

We in the warehouse apartment have been busy monitoring the pigeons of the PAD. I'm happy to report they are coming around more frequently. This as you know is a good thing for us because we love Birdie TV.

Birdie TV shows Pigeons of the PAD on a nearly regular basis these days. Me with Mama Bessie.

In other news, the snow has been piling up around the city. We have been watching it fall from the sky, blow around, and accumulate on the warehouse across the street. Z-Girl has commented about the outdoor kitties and how cold it's been for all of them. Mama-Bessie and I escaped having to live harsh winters as ferals because Z-Girl brought us to live with her after our Great Capture.

But other kitties remain outside, living in the shadows. Here is one who comes for her food dutifully:
A feral tabby awaits her meal, Winter 2014

It must be cold on her paws, but she patiently waits for her food to be served and along with the others in her colony, rushes to eat meals before everything freezes. Luckily, Aunt Nat has put kitty shelters out for them to burrow in and stay warmer and drier than they could on their own.

So today, as we lounge around the apartment in the sun that's streaming through our windows, we also think about those who need extra love and attention. We know that Z-Girl and Aunt Nat do their best to help, as do other friends in Jersey City. And still more friends who we've met virtually on the blogosphere. Surely, we can be the change for cats we want to see in the world.

And yes, I just quasi-quoted Gandhi.

Finally, we know you've been reading about our forthcoming catification. Z-Girl says that step one is to paint the baseboards white. Right now some are black and white striped. This seems to be some sort of effort to look like Valentina and Manhattan, the Squeedunk Tuxedos.

Coco, 2009 with the previous purple shade on the wall, the black and white striped base board and a piece of Robert Koch sculpture. 

Why painting them white is the first step, I don't know. I can attest to the fact that this new cat decor will be a welcome change because just recently, she took my kitty bed and put it on her dresser beside the window. And I sleep there ALL THE TIME now. I wasn't using the bed on the floor, but *love* my soft, cozy surroundings as I watch the sun set, the moon move across the sky and the dawn break every day. She told us there will be levels for us to choose from to walk around and also to sleep or take baths.

Step two is relocating the TV and all the wires. Allegedly, this will happen before the end of February.

And then, yes then: Plans will be drafted for our new walls and the Great Furniture Extravaganza. I'll let Z-Girl fill you in on details as decisions are made.

How do I stop this thing again???

Valentina: Lulu, say over and out.

Lulu: Oh, right. That's all from us today. This is Lulu OUT.

(I had to do it my own way)

Hey, everyone, happy belated Valentina's Day! I love all of our readers and hope that you took time to share some warmth, purrs and head bonks in celebration of the day dedicated to displays of affection. For me, that's every day! -Valentina Rossa, Squeedunk's Social Committee Chair Cat

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two Tuxedo Toosday: A Flock of Pigeons

Hey there, it's Valentina and I have late breaking, exciting news:

The pigeons have found our ledge again. Lots of them.

I'm also thinking there's a name for a band in here somewhere...a Flock of Pigeons...

Yesterday around lunch, when Z-Girl made her way home through the snow and slush she settled in for a conference call and I spotted movement outside. I slowly approached a window, putting just my front paws on the sill. I don't think the birds noticed my ears and whiskers.

With this Manhattan came trotting over. Quick, but low to the ground with no pitter-patter and joined me at the second window.

Lulu was then tipped off that something was happening. She climbed into the third window and she was immediately transfixed.

Bessie was asleep under the bed and didn't stir. Coco didn't care.

When Z-Girl came to investigate, she counted at least 15 pigeons, cooing and nestling in their feathers for their naps. When she returned with her camera, most of them had left. I think I scared them with my chattering.

This morning, even more of them formed a cluster and landed on our ledge. All five of the Squeedunk cats rushed the windows to check it out. Z-Girl says that we looked like a pack of Big Cats going after our prey.

This was short lived. It seems they want to hang out on the sill but are not yet sure that the glass provides a safe barrier between US and THEM...

This is Valentina reporting from the Warehouse Apartment. Over and Out!