Sunday, April 13, 2014

What happened to Easy Sunday?

Hi everyone, this is Coco.

Z-Girl clearly has her mind on too many things these days. What with all the painting and furniture moving.

I didn't give my approval for any of this activity, so I remain unconvinced that there will be anything interesting that emerges from the current state of transition. "We are in transition," she keeps saying. What does that mean?

Well, for starters she took away two pieces of furniture yesterday and moved two others. Today, she has the darn paint can open again, putting white paint over the last of the black and white baseboards.

Bye Bye Black and White...

Last week, the Big Purple Wall was patched and painted. That looks good, and so does the floating TV. But these improvements dislocate artwork that then is put aside until other projects are complete, and as a result I'm feeling a little out of sorts. So much so that I've not spent much time on  one of my favorite perches, the Painted Trunk.
A great photo of me, prior to the chaos that ensues in the Warehouse apartment today...

Here's what I know about the upcoming plans: Mr. Jim will come back in a week to paint the kitchen. It will be a pale grey with some texturizing. The Red Chair allegedly will disappear after that, and other furniture will be moved around. I *think* Z-Girl believes that she is facilitating some sort of unity between Bessie & Lulu, and Valentina, Manhattan and me. Yea, you may read Mieshelle Nagelshneider Z-Girl, but I've a mind of my own. 

In early May, Z-Girl is hosting a party here and then the big changes will take place. Furniture slipcovering (I heard more talk about "cat proofing" things...seriously?) and then the much anticipated Catification of the Big Purple Wall. A shopping trip is planned to find items that will match the decor of the apartment. All I can say is they better run a few things by me before they do any installation.

This transition it seems will be an ongoing process. We've been blogging about it for months. Z-Girl says that these things take time. Apparently, there are other factors to consider. None of which concern me.

Therefore, I'm going to patiently wait for today's painting session to be over. After all, next week the whole kitchen will be disassembled and I will have to tolerate two more days of cans and drop cloths. Geesh.

In the meantime, the construction outside the windows continues. Work permits, people. They need to be validated by me first. Understand?

This is Coco, Over and Out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two Tuxedo Toosday: The transition is underway...

Hey everyone, it's Valentina here.
Comin' at ya on Two Tuxedo Tuesday.

Just wanted to post an update about progress here in the Warehouse apartment.

The TV was moved from one wall where it was flat, to another where it hangs from an arm and looks likes it's floating. There were big holes in the wall where it was first stationed, so today Mr. Jim came and patched them.

Tomorrow he'll come back and paint that wall, and a few other touch ups around the apartment.

Next week, Miss Andrea will come back with ideas for how to re-arrange furniture and art.

Manhattan: And, also where to put our catified shelves. Don't forget that part.

Valentina: Right! That too! I don't even know what that means but Z-Girl keeps talking about it so I guess she thinks we will be excited about that.

Manhattan: I kinda like all the drop cloths and the way everything is out of order in the living room area. There's so much for me to investigate...

Valentina: Yea, except Z-Girl keeps moving stuff every time I start sniffing or chewing something.

We'll be back with some photos of the purple wall once it's done. Then, paint colors for the kitchen. Too bad Z-Girl doesn't own this place...

This is Valentina, over and out.