Thursday, July 24, 2014

Manhattan is the Calendar Girl

I love, I love, I love my calendar girl....(Neil Sedaka)

This is me. Z-Girl captioned it "Bartender, do you have any cocktails with tuna juice?"

Today I appear as the July 24th cat of the Cats of the Cat Blogosphere Calendar. It's an honor...

Something is afoot in the Warehouse apartment. Well, okay, I know we keep telling you things are happening but it feels so slow. Z-Girl says I need to be more patient.

But today, she's starting to move art off the closet wall by her bed. I heard "patch/repair/paint" but I was taking a bath, so I didn't get the full sentence. I guess we'll see what that means soon enough...

Valentina: Manhattan, I was paying attention. It means that everything has to come out of the closet so the painter guys can fix the big leak stains inside and outside the closet. 

Manhattan: So wait--does that mean all of her shoes will be out of the closet? And ohhhhh--drop cloths, right? They cover everything with plastic drop cloths that make noise when we walk on and under them...PARTY!!!!

    Me during the last big painting extravaganza...

I do have another bit of information to share: Z-Girl had a cat pole with shelves installed. And NO ONE likes it. Z-Girl suspects that it's because it's not yet drilled into the ceiling, giving us the stability we like. She has a second suspicion that it is the shelves themselves. I am going to make her figure it out...I mean, we can't make this easy for her...

More on the Catification Progress: While we await for our friend Mr. Dino to come by and hang the Ikea shelves over Z-Girl's desk, and two cat shelves JUST FOR LULU, the large wall catification is underway. Materials purchased and shipped to the shelf maker man. He will then customize and by mid-August, they should arrive! We also hope to have a new coffee table delivered around the same time. We will take photos of each small step...given how we all hang out with Z-Girl when she works from home, it's likely that the shelving all around will be welcomed! She says she hopes we end up liking the cat pole, too...let's see...

And yes, she tried treats, the laser, and even a soft blanket. No mice. I mean dice. No dice.

Happy Thursday, people!

Manhattan, over and out.


  1. Happy Manhattan Day on the Cats of the CB Calendar! We hope your day is filled with tuna juice cocktails, crinkly drop cloth-walking and whatever else your kitty heart desires. :)

    The catification process sounds extensive. We sure hope you all end up enjoying it (including that cat pole) when it is done.

    Hugs to you all!

    1. Thank mew Mr. Kevin! Yes the cactification will be nice whenever it's all done! We have a big wall that doesn't even have art on it, cuz Z-Girl wants to arrange art around our shelves. Right now we have art propped up against walls while we wait for everything to come together.

  2. It all sounds wonderful... such a shame that you can't keep the drop cloth tho... those are always fun to walk on! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  3. Now back up Bessie and Lulu for their Calendar Cat! Happy Calendar day.

    1. Thanks! We have all been on the Calendar for 2014! And have met new friends as a result, so thanks for dropping by!


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