Monday, January 26, 2015

Caturday, Easy Sunday all flow into the Blizzard of 2015 Monday...

Hey everyone, it's Lulu.

I have not been on this earthly plane all that long, but I do remember when I was a baby hearing about Superstorm Sandy, and that was a really scary time for us because the flood waters overwhelmed our PAD and we lost power for several days. Z-Girl stood in line for like 200 minutes to get a warm cup of coffee one morning, while people lined the footprint of ShopRite to charge their phones and other electronic devices.
The not fully flooded courtyard in front of the Warehouse apartment, Superstorm Sandy 2012
Photo credit: Karen Fuchs
Sculpture: Spheres, Robert Koch Studios

Since last night we've been hearing that this is going to be a historic storm. We here at Squeedunk are not able to find anything positive about that distinction. There are too many homeless kitties in our area and we estimate a profound risk for them, despite the wonderful shelter houses that Aunt Nat and Uncle Phil have secured for use in the cold and snow. Winds in excess of 50 miles an hour accompanied by brutal snowfall and below freezing temperatures equal a potentially deadly combination for our feral friends. We have been praying to St. Francis, and we hope that you will send out all your good thoughts and energies for every homeless animal in need of shelter, no matter where they may dwell.

Z-Girl has plenty of food for the [indoor] Squeendunk Gang. She builds little blanket huts for Coco, Valentina and Manhattan to access on the New Living Room Chairs (they replaced the Big Red Chair that has been relocated to the Front Room). We have snuggly beds and soft, cozy blankets around the apartment. Mama Bessie and I hunker down under the Big Bed. Today Z-Girl brought out the battery operated candles and LED flashlights and set up candles to light. Uncle Robert is going to make her favorite snow-time food (Pennsylvania Corn Pie he calls it) for friends in the Warehouse apartment building.

This is me and Mama Bessie in our bed. We like it because it gets soaked in sunshine most days. 

I assumed my normal morning watch-cat spot so that I could survey who showed up for work at the construction site across the street and to make my own assessment of the #blizzardof2015. At that time, there were no snow flakes so I took my bath and played for awhile.

What in the what is going on out there?

Z-Girl went from working oodles and oodles of hours to being on work hiatus so she's here rearranging stuff on the computer and stuff like that. Suits me just fine cuz she plays with me more often...

I will take my normal position on the window a little later today. Just as soon as my late morning to mid-afternoon nap is complete.

Wherever you are, may you be safe and warm with a full belly. We will work on making our outside friends as safe, warm and full as possible over these next few days. Z-Girl says she will help keep our readers advised.

This is Lulu, OUT.
Me at my cat watch post on a non-snow day.

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