Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Great Capture: Puck

How do you capture the One Who Won't Approach a Trap?

Puck circa 2011

With a drop trap, of course.

Z-Girl here with you today. Here in Jersey City, I work as a minor character in the play about the rescue of feral cats in the PAD (Powerhouse Arts District). Some of you may be aware from previous posts that three of the Squeedunk Cats are rescues from the 'hood. And you may have even read about Puck, a beautiful orange tabby who has enchanted many hearts with his playful spirit. He is undeniably cute (even the guys like Puck).

We've weathered a lot with him, quite literally. Super Storm Sandy, below freezing temperatures, snow storms with accumulations over 2 feet. Like most ferals he has a multitude of spots to sleep, play, eat and tom-cat around. Natalie and I believe he is responsible for no less than 10 litters of kittens. At some point I foresee the two of us plotting out a family tree for all the cats we've fed over the years. (Note: at the point that I'm ready to do DNA testing, please--intervene).

Our main colony is stable. These cats have been TNRed and co-exist well. Puck was not a welcome visitor at their lot, but that didn't keep him from meal time drop ins. And he is a rolling stone therefore he always finds the new girl in town. This past year he's fathered two litters with a beautiful grey mama who now lives under my apartment building (Manhattan's birth and rescue spot).

Three of the four in our stable, TNRed colony during the cold winter months. The photo isn't great because they typically run when I take out my iPhone. 

Natalie has been trying since late spring to trap the grey mama so we can have her vetted and spayed. She is thin and weary, and Natalie has rescued and placed every kitten we could find. This in and of itself would have been great footage for our reality show. Puck appeared at my building for the KFC [or similar local brand] chicken purchased to entice the babies into the traps. I called Nat's stake-out zone his personal drive through window--he just came for the food but eluded the trap oh, so carefully.

Often in our rescue discussions, we agree that it's a toss of the dice. The cat who walks into the trap is the one that goes for the vet care and spay/neuter. 

Puck, day one of capture--prior to his vet visit.

Natalie had purchased a drop trap and spent a few days outlining her strategy. The plan was clear as mud: whether it be grey mama (we call her Stella now) or Puck, at least we would halt the breeding temporarily. Puck had been looking run down and so of course I was hoping we would be able to get him soon. And like that, into the new contraption he walked! Hooray Puck! 

He has been to the vet and tested negative for FIV and Fe-Leuk. He had an upper respiratory infection which has been cleared up so he no longer looks haggard. Uses the litter box like a perfect gentleman, and has been eating the healthy food options offered to him. He's been introduced into Natalie's homestead--which really was more like he was reunited with old street friends. Every one of Natalie's brood comes from the PAD! 

Our hope is to find Puck a furrever home. He's tested healthy, getting along with other kitties (unclear about his status with dogs or kids), and working slowly toward allowing humans closer and closer. A sweet, non aggressive boy who with the company of his former street pals is learning about soft beds and warm cozy nights. About play and a clean litter box. And constant love. I do believe he had some notion of love from us as he dutifully waited for his food each night. And would let us talk to him while preparing food bowls for the main colony of 4, or dropping by my apartment building while Nat trapped two litters of kittens and attempted to get Stella with the smelly chicken.

Please place my order at my usual rock, thank you.

Anyone interested in Puck should contact me directly at
We will work toward the rescue and rehoming of our feral colony and Stella, on the brink of losing their outdoor homes to the endless building here in the PAD.

This is Z-Girl, over and out.

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  1. What an amazing story! Apparently, it was just (FINALLY) Puck's time to walk into that trap (and into a much better life). Thank you and Nat for your love, care and persistence on behalf of the PAD kitties. Hugs to you both.


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