Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Z-Girl's Mom and Dad

Hi everyone, this is Valentina.

A nice black and white photo for today: Joe and Mary Lou, December 1961

Z-Girl's Dad and Mom, in their first apartment, Baltimore, Maryland. December 1961

Based on the chip and dip bowls on the table we believe this was taken at a New Year's Eve party--a tradition that lasted until 2012 for Z-Girl's parents. The friends who celebrated together were work colleagues from Westinghouse, where Joe worked for 35 years. 

Friendships that last across time are so special. We love this photo. And hey, it's black and white just like ME...

Photo credit: Wendy Ploger

Valentina, out.


  1. You look great in black and white, Valentina! And so do Z-Girl's parents. What a sweet picture of them!

  2. Such a story that picture tells...

    1. I have been looking through so many family photos recently. They do hold such dimension. One that we may or may not be able to access in our current state...


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