Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Tuxedo Toosday: Blizzard Bust

Valentina: Hey everyone! It's Two Tuxedo Toosday
Manhattan: That's a silly photo of us, Z-Girl. Vali is washing my ear.

Valentina: We just wanted to report that the Blizzard of 2015 was a BUST here in Jersey City.
Manhattan: And, that we are happy that we didn't have to fret over our outdoor buddies surviving 2+ feet of snow and 50+MPH winds.

Valentina: M, didn't you live through a blizzard, back in 2009?
Manhattan: I don't think it was a real blizzard, but there was a lot of snow. Z-Girl had to dig around the grate where I would come out for food. She still tells me how happy she was when I emerged for my meal the day after the storm.
Valentina: She also told me a story about another kitty who arrived in her life during a blizzard. But that was a loooong time ago.
Today is a busy day of sitting in the sun and enjoying the warmth of our home. We hope that you too are peacefully appreciating this day. If you are in the North East, please be safe. Some areas are still experiencing poor weather conditions.

Furrow Avenue view of the backyard into Patapsco State Park, around  Winter1992

His name was Punkin. My mom first spotted him that autumn, his orange coat sometimes blending in with the leaves and other times making him easy to find. She fed him and his companion Duffy for several months. Duffy came into the garage before the heavy snowfall, but Punkin stayed on the perimeter of our property that edged into the State Park. The morning after we were hit with two feet, mom looked into the yard and there was Punkin. When she waded toward him, he had to swim through the snow meet her halfway. He then allowed her to bring him into the garage where she had set up heated boxes to keep the stray pair comfortable. 

Duffy was very sick and we sadly put him to sleep to end his suffering. Punkin was lonely but simultaneously took to my mom readily and became curious about the Door into the House. We already had three girl cats and territory issues. You know the story: he worked his way into the sunroom, then the kitchen, and then gained full run of the house. Sure, there was hissing and spitting but it subsided quickly. Wonderful and loving boy--he had a thick coat of fur and loved to be pet and scratched, but he played shy with strangers. We were lucky to have him a long time and I am ever inspired by my mother's determination to rescue these two cats despite their initial reluctance to accept human touch. Blizzards or the threat of them remind me of the homeless kitties searching shelter. Punkin was so grateful for his home, and we in turn were happy to open our hearts to such a sweet feline. RIP Punkin, you are dearly missed. 

Manhattan: I show my gratitude every day, Z-Girl. I purr and give you head bonks. A lot of them.  I also pretend not to smell the Friskies on your hands when you come back from feeding the outside colony.

Valentina: It's time to resume my sun soaking, everyone.

Over and OUT!

Valentina enjoying the KittyPod by the windows and my desk. 

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  1. We love that story about Punkin. Thank goodness for your mom, and her love for Punkin and Duffy.

    By the way, the "blizzard" was pretty lame here, too (but great news for the animals and people who are living outside). We got about a foot of snow.


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