Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Tuxedo Toosday pushes into Wordless Wednesday

Valentina: Hey everyone, Vali here!
Manhattan: I'm here too, don't forget, Vali. It IS Two Tuxedo Toosday.
Valentina: The day is almost over, Manhattan.
Manhattan: But the post is called Two Tuxedo. That's you and me.


Valentina: It's great to be back. I have news. I had to go to the vet on Saturday, and there was talk that I might have pancreatitis. I'm happy to tell you that Dr. Holly texted Z-Girl today to say there is NO pancreatitis. Thankfully. It sounds like it would require medication or visits to the vet's office and I don't want either. The vomiting that I was experienced stopped after I had some anti nausea medication and a little bit of fluid. 

Manhattan: That's a relief. 

Valentina: Z-Girl has some news about one of the PAD Paws kitties. His name is Puck, and I think she will write about him tomorrow. I will give you the headline: Aunt Natalie rescued him. 

Manhattan: Do you know if she used sardines? That's how she got me to go near the trap. I was really hungry but I didn't want to go in the cage. So she put the sardines on a piece of cardboard near the opening of the trap. I went to eat those and somehow with her foot Aunt Nat pushed me and the cage over so I fell in and the door slammed shut. Busted!

Valentina: You were pretty bad off, M. I think it was KFC that snagged Puck....we'll have to ask Z-Girl to explain more....

Manhattan: Okay. In the meantime, I'm going to hang out on my new shelves. They are really nifty.
Valentina: This is Vali, over and out! 

Hey, wait...who is the OTHER cat? 


  1. Hi, dear pals. Valentina, we are SO happy it was not pancreatitis, because that is some bad stuff. We're looking forward to your news about Puck. Hugs!

  2. Thank mew! I am very happy too, I didn't want the bad stuff. Purrs!

  3. That's right, Valentina!!! Pancreatitis is no fun at all... we're so happy to hear you don't have it. I was tested recently for it too, and *phew* I don't have it either.
    xo, Katie


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