Monday, January 19, 2015

We're Back!

Hi everyone, Coco Chanel coming at you on a Monday.

Where oh where have we been?

Z-Girl was on a big project this year, one that was very important and she worked a lot of hours with people all around the world. Some nights, she would talk to people in Japan until midnight and other mornings be on the phone again with people in Italy at 7A. We loved having her here throughout many work days, and even grew accustomed to the hours of conference calls. But the demanding schedule meant that her normal social contacts, events and things to do were put on hold. That included the blog.

Then the holidays came around and she went to visit her parents and our Aunt Julie (her sister). Back to JC for a week and off again to Mexico. I'd like to add that none of this travel was authorized by me in advance. I protested by sitting in her suitcase both times but it didn't work.

Now she says she is getting caught up on life. Here is what I've seen:

Friday, there were a group of people here. They had the couch pulled out and lots of fabric draped over it. Two women cut the fabric and pinned it, then left. Z-Girl explained a new slipcover will arrive in a few weeks. That's great, because I think I've sufficiently shredded the existing structure. I need a new, clean surface. Z-Girl says her decorating style is Shabby Chic, after all.

The green couch will get a beautiful new slipcover, and I can't wait to get my paws on it.

Then, there was a lot of activity on the cat wall and with the cat pole. The shelves on the wall around Z-Girl's closet were rearranged. And the cat pole in front of the living room window was removed entirely. Z-Girl said that the new shelf arrangement is to help Manhattan have better step ups and downs, and also to encourage Bessie and Lulu to climb. The pole was removed because in our space there was no way to make it sturdy enough. It was just too wobbly. Lots of options were discussed but in the end, it was donated to a kitty who will LOVE it. So that's nice. Mr. Ian will come back to finish patching the holes in the wall and putting up a step near the fancy white shelves to help us access them easily. Well, not us because I will not climb. I'm a ground dweller. Valentina hasn't made up her mind yet--she seems very curious about everything.

The new shelf arrangement provides a little more space for jumping and helps us feel confident that we can fit on the smaller steps.

Finally, some adjustment on chairs and discussions about future cat wall shelving, new sheers for the windows, pillows for the couch, and other furniture. When Z-Girl and Miss Andrea get together there is much planning and activity.

Z-Girl is looking for her next contract assignment and preparing her training program for a half marathon. Let's hope she gets to that soon. If not, it's going to be a long 13.1 miles on April 19 for the MORE Half Marathon in Central Park.

I'm happy to be back. Z-Girl said this year, no promises on how much and when we will blog. Instead, we will let it flow naturally.

Here is Manhattan, checking out the holes in the wall and testing the new shelf placement. She likes it...

One final note: in the middle of the night when she thought no one was watching, Lulu climbed on one of the lower the left of the closet and not shown in these photos. She sat for a minute, maybe a little more and climbed back under the big blanket on Z-Girl's bed. 

That's what I've got for you. I'll be sure to report on progress--especially this running stuff. I've seen Z-Girl train for and run multiple races, so she can do it...just WILL she...

Coco, Over and Out.


  1. Well we for 7 are glad you are back. Dad has to finish some extra steps for us too. Yours look great.


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