Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Punkin and Chaucer

Hi everyone, Bessie here.

Today is Wordless Wednesday. Z-Girl wants us to share a photo of Punkin (rescue kitty we wrote about yesterday) and Chaucer--who are together running free at the Rainbow Bridge.

Z-Girl's mom took this picture and on the back she wrote:

Chaucer and Punkin, now friends, 7/95

Chaucer is the tiny black kitten on the left and Punkin is the big hunk of orange tabby on the right. Furrow Avenue, living room window on a July afternoon, 1995.

Punkin was initially not happy about another kitty entering his home. He was still getting used to the loss of his three adoptive sisters, Pyewacket, Jezebel and Puffin. They didn't depart at the same time but with each passing Punkin felt sad. It didn't take him long to adopt Chaucer. And Chaucer loved having a big brother in the house. They lived, played and purred together for 8 years.

I'm actually Z-Girl's third black kitty, each one of us unwanted by other humans because of the beauty of our shimmery black fur. Z-Girl says that she never understood disliking a living creature based on hair, skin or fur color. 

Enjoy your day with your favorite buddy today. 

Bessie, out.
I balance purrfectly on my sisal scratcher.


  1. How sweet that Punkin and Chaucer eventually became friends (LOVE that first picture).

    Bessie, we agree with you an Z-Girl -- we really don't understand why any human would be averse to having a black kitty in their home. We certainly can't imagine life without our Gracie and Zoe. :)

  2. Thank mew, Mr. Kevin. We have to help educate humans that we black cats have an unfair (and untrue) stigma associated with our fur color. I think the photo of baby Chaucer and Punkin is very sweet as well--they were best buds according to Z-Girl.


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