Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings from Lulu

Hi everyone, this is Lulu.

It's been super cold here in Jersey City. Z-Girl says it's been cold in a lot of other places too. Our thoughts are of the domestic animals that have no home and must endure extreme weather with little to no shelter. Aunt Natalie did a lot of research this weekend to find battery powered heating pads to set up in the cat houses she has in place for the colony. No luck. So the kitties got extra straw and some flokati rugs to snuggle in, and as of this morning everyone came out for extra food and water. Z-Girl and Aunt Natalie were very relieved, but remain vigilant about the welfare of the colony.

Z-Girl is busily talking about more changes in the Warehouse apartment. She emptied out the chest of drawers that sits by the window last weekend. This is where my comfy cat bed resides. The words Craig's List have come up a few times. I don't understand the connection but she often says things that I don't initially comprehend and then *poof* we have strangers in the apartment making noise and painting walls, hanging shelves, or measuring fabric.

I've also heard her discussing renting a truck to drive to Maryland. She asked Uncle Robert if he would help load the Red Chair and ottoman onto the truck, along with the OTHER dresser in the bedroom and some odds and ends she has in her storage unit. The truck will deliver all of these things to her sister who is moving in to a new apartment this week.
The Red Chair and ottoman, before the major living room re-arrangement.

Right now the Red Chair is in the front of the apartment AKA Valentina's designated area. I don't know that Vali is yet aware how all of this will impact her room.

Here are some other things I know:

The Red Chair delivery will take place Thursday.
On Friday, a new armoire and dresser will arrive here in the Warehouse apartment.
We are waiting for the new cover for the sofa, and then the new chairs will get different slipcovers.
Apparently all the upholstered furniture needs to be covered in plastic to prevent scratching. For some reason scratching furniture is not permitted (although the furniture tells a different story).

But the biggest update is mine:

That's me getting my treats from the cat shelves!

I am now climbing on the cat wall! Hooray me!

There are a total of 6 shelves to climb on each side of the closet to reach the Top Ledge. Manhattan is the only one of us who has made it that far...

Here is Manhattan, on the right side of the climbing wall. I prefer the left side so far...

I'm thinking about making the summit. Z-Girl has seen me as far up as shelf #4 on the left side of the wall. I rub my face on shelf #5. One has to be sure the shelf is sturdy. Since the initial installation I've spent many hours studying the layout and size of each step.

I'm enjoying my day curled up next to my Mama Bessie, catching warmth from the sunlight streaming through the windows. The construction next door to us is currently not as disruptive as it was for many months so afternoon naps are peaceful.

Lulu out.


  1. Sounds like you all have a lot going on! And those cat shelves on the wall -- WAY COOL! We've been trying to convince The Mom to get us some of those. Have fun!
    And thanks for stopping by our blog today - we love making new furiends, and are now following you! Looking forward to getting to know you :)

    1. Thank mew for stopping by! We love our cat shelves. There's more to come because we have lots of space for them!
      We are happy to make new furiends too, so we'll be by to visit more often!


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